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In God’s hands I am a voice to speak of all the wondrous things that he has put here for the joy that life occasionally brings. And as I write he guides my hand to make his presence known
Words Loaded Like Weapons     Freedom is not found Freedom from the binds of one cast aside whether god or government quickly replaced by the other   Government for your life here
Wisdom Speaks Life lessons and endless lanes.Many speak but do not reallyknow my name.The arches in the clouds.The sun and the rain. The snow that coversthe mountain tops.The fog and wind blowingin the sugar canes.Sometimes a smile ora frown. The
Grateful and Thankful My thoughts wandergazing at the moon.Memories repeat themselves in my head.Have though lived a fulfilling life?Have you counted your blessings today?Have you thanked God on the way?I apologized for being such a procrastinator
I was swept away, into an unknown place. As I floated alone, I held a certain feeling. One without a meaning, but gave sudden healing.  No longer clouded by worry or shame, 
I was swept away, into an unknown place. As I floated alone, I held a certain feeling. One without a meaning, but gave sudden healing.  No longer clouded by worry or shame, 
Just when I thought all hope was gone,you gave me the strength to carry on As I walk into the land, our salvation is in your hands. When I opened my heart to you, your love it has guided me through
1)The living shall worship 🛐 thy Lord as the Angels adore Him on the throne. 2)Off their faces with their golden crowns 👑+ bowing down.
The living shall worship 🛐 thy Lord as the Angels adore Him on the throne. Off their faces with their golden crowns 👑+ bowing down. Their songs is hallelujah, 🙌 glory, giving holiness, admiring the everlasting living being.
GHETTO GOSPLE. You aren't born to please anyone, neither accepted by everybody. But your purpose is to make sure you live good making better thangs, making thangs better.
With you, in you, beside you, behind you, in front of you. All around you.
Why do people don't like me? Why all of them hate me? Why they don't love me? And nobody else who can't understand me.   Im just a simple girl who tried to be happy
The Maafa - The Great Tragedy - The African Holocaust Culture, name, religion, and many lives lost   Sailing West from the Gulf of Guinea through the Atlantic Ocean
You think you know it all because you're a scientist.You make me angry when you say God doesn't exist.You believe there is no God and you say that it's a scientific fact.
Am too low, to discuss the hidden, the most high creator, too big to be explained, the owner of the sea and of the universe, his power beyond my understanding.
When it comes to being thankful this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to have The Lord.When it comes to God being a part of our lives, there is no greater reward.God is our creator and he helps people every day.
Too many think that they are GodToo many think that they know GodToo many think that they see GodToo many talk like they know GodToo many sinsToo many SatansToo many prosecutors
<b>Clouds of Life</b> The clouds of doubt Clouds of stress
All of my heroes were housewives Smoke a cigarette and pour me some wine Pop me a pill and I'll start to unwind
When I had a car accident several years ago, I had quite the scare.My brakes went out and I crashed and I'm confined to a wheelchair.I'll never walk again, I'll be in this wheelchair for the rest of my life.
this world and galaxies the storm and gloomies witch and ghosts hot or froze any nightmare passess by or you hear pain cry the creator of this existence he will you from any tense
Magnificent joy fills my soul I am whole  Like Earth’s bowl In deserts of my hope, I find perfect glow 
Our brutish bullets' babble Battered this cathedral, Corroded ancient heavens That dawned in its arching dome, Crumbled blue-veined marble, Shattered angels' sorrow, As gods began to groan. 
There is a God And I know damn well because it keeps screwing me over and over. There is a God That keeps fucking my life up, I never gave it my consent. There is a wall, It keeps me from going forward.
Guide me now my gentle Father, Hold me in Your clasping wings.  Please fastly keep me, Hidden deeply,  Deep beneath Your folding wings. 
Damn Those white people, eh? With their saviour complexes Help us, we say Rebuild our town after an earthquake Here, they say as they pass us their gospel with a single bag of rice
wrestling with evilwear complete suit of armor~ conquer with courage.rescued from onslaughtlies and misinformation~ loins girded with truth.safeguarding our heartsresisting the evil day
God has sent the Angels near closest to the one that fears even though you are alone resting due to casted stones a light nearby will slowly heal your broken soul, so well concealed
while traveling abroad within the confounds of your mind you will discover the passages entering through those the gods and goddesses have granted access throughout your mindful jog
Let God be praised and let Himself praise Himself. Let His people joyfully praise Him, and let the whole world and its hosts and the firmament and its bodies laud Him praises,
O mother of nightingales O constellation curator She who sweetly sings the sunset Kiss beneath that good moon night That dark pale night light Clasp your hands on my life The waning of my soul
by Debi Lyn Tue, April 27, 2021 @ 11 am   As a mere little human, I am hopelessly flawed. As a redeemed individual, a child of the Most High God!
Being a human being is to love everyone Don’t get confused about being a Christian Who is to be a Super Being, a great Human
Do you feel me I feel you Do you hear me  I hear you Do you see me I see you      -life- I see you Do you see me I hear you
Do you feel me    I feel you    Do you hear me  I hear you Do you see me I see you      -life- I see you Do you see me
Why are you looking for love oh soul;Is it not enough that God gave it all? His Love that is pure, true and great What are you waiting? accept God and taste
You are my life's Restorer who gives me hope, always there outward and within I feel Your love tells me, "be still."   In times of trouble, I'm clam knowing You hold me in Your palm
Oh to be like Echo, Always calling out but never heard. To be like Midas, Always reaching out but never touched. To be like Medusa,
(This poem takes place in the year 1800)   You call yourself a Christian who has been saved. But you're not a Christian because you have slaves.
In the past I felt like I had nothing left to fight for. It wasn’t enough. I held on to the numbing‘s and told myself you can stop when you find that one thing that will call you back to reality like before.
Today was amazing. The Lord is always near and the enemy is a man made fear.
Love what would we do without it God What would we do without Him Family What will we do without you Colors Mine is blue
My life is full because what I have Came in gifts of 2 A double gift  My God gave me To make my dreams come true My God is great He blessed my life One evening in July
I'm having one of those days Where every insult I can tell myself  Is rolling around in my head I'm not smart enough I'm not capable 
Imagine growing up feeling broken Broken like a clock stuck at night Afraid of words that you’ve spoken Or fearful of those that you might   Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption
Your heart is wide open For me to come in To cuddle And to talk Till the day ends   You wait You love
Exhilaration, jubilation, euphoria are the words of the day. Starring up at a precipice, then the rocky out-cropping’s, one, then two, the beauty overtakes me, I had to briefly turn away.
The enemy can br strong, But I know that my God is stronger. 
The third and last poem in my final project assigned under the ELA 12 poetry unit. Dated 10/22/2019  
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
These feelings consume my bones, as a distant depression arose, those feelings of freedom and destiny are dethroned. I would not have been happy, but would I have meaning?
Unable to find the term: Christian witch a contridiction story of my life I am both and for beleving in my God I feel other witches have a harrd time teaching me
Bathed in my warm light Leaching out degrees, last thing I heard Was you calling goodbye in flight Leaving just your memory, dim and blurred
Tested and tried and discouraged, I dried my cheeks with my head hanging low. I manifested a truth, blessed with courage, i died in defeat, then my corpse began to grow.
You created me to be The one and only me For all my faults and sins You've taught me love always wins For sad nights and glory days You have always guided me and shown me the way
When we see each other life means so much more.. When we hug our souls intertwine as one. When we kiss our spirits are made whole.. When our laughter echoes through the air, all of heaven rejoices.
When we see each other life means so much more.. When we hug our souls intertwine as one. When we kiss our spirits will be made whole.. When our laughter echoes through the air all of heaven will rejoice.
My heart belongs to someone (God) And my soul has special one (holy Spirit) I'm totally taken by God our Jesus And I'm not available for Satan the Judas
Let me tell you something disgusting.   I’m still in love with you, I don’t want to be, I don’t mean to.
Life is defined many ways No two scientist ever agree Though new life is discovered every day
Dear God by: Luis V   Dear God where have you been Dear God where were you when I needed you Dear God where were you when I was being bullied from pre-k to 10th grade
I used to think that I was alone I used to think that the ground would crumble beneath me God, I would hear I didn't think that he cared I didn't know he was hear God, I would here
Let trumpeting elephants 🐘 🐘 praise God. And let roaring lions 🦁 🦁 exalt God. Let mowing cows 🐮 🐮 praise God. And let barking dogs 🐶 🐶
PSALM TWENTY AND ONE OF PRAISE TO MAGNIFY THY LORD GOD, JEHOVAH ORI. 1)I'll adore thy Lord with my whole heart ♥ and I will sing His praise in His sanctuary.
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
Oh Lord mine God locate me with an immense mercy that'll shake the world. That thy name be excellently praised 2ru me. Send unto your servant mercy and let thy light shine upon thy servant to the glorification
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
There’s so much I do on your behalf. Restrain myself. Degrade myself. I keep myself in check. Keep myself down and lowly,
In the begining there wasnt a single living saol- exsept God God wanted light  God wanted the "hevans" Oh, God wanted the earth and sea, So he made it. With no dout it was good and butyfull  
God created world but wasn't very happy for what he saw Thought how could He make it better and more interesting He wasn't sure what He needs to do and pondered for long
I'm feeling anxious and I can't stop. it comes in waves that crash over me and pull me in the riptide. I can barely surface  to breathe. I can feel the oxygen slowly leaking out
Gospel Music is fantatic music because it praises God.When it comes to Gospel Music, it's something to applaud.Anything is good if it praises the Lord.When it comes to God, he should be adored.
Please god make it stop; All the hurting, the lying, the running. Please god make it stop; All the misery, the pain, the crying. How many more days can I go on? Please god make it stop;
Do you want to know what it's like to be painless? Could you imagine a way to live shameless? I thought I knew a way, But all I'd done is invited a demon out to play.  
Sit down; let's play a game. Sleep sound; the monster's been tamed. Still loud; the voices scream: "Let me out; you know you're just a fiend."   "Slow down; I don't wanna play.
There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind. A place where the scared little child ran away to hide. At such a young age he had given up hope, Went into this attic and tied up the rope.
i was raised to believe that God is in church lately I think that is the last place he would be
I am always in the room with you.  Regard the mirror angled on the shelf for you to look in and see me. I write words on the mirror- you will see them if you know me and I know you.
I am always in the room with you.  Regard the mirror angled on the shelf for you to look in and see me. I write words on the mirror- you will see them if you know me and I know you.
All of Earth's mothers are Earth and are Earth as seed.       The rest of us are Earth flowers and Earth evolving.  
I wasn’t there in the Garden Didn’t see when He died for my pardon Wasn’t there when he sweated drops of blood Oh how His heart must have been tugged ************************** I didn't see the disciples dismay
The Lord God is my refuge Protects me from sins deluge Offers me His protection From attacks in any direction ********************** The Lord GOD is my Fortress Loved me even when I felt worthless
Good day all Go to YouTube and search/type: Being Poetically Correct  please subscribe and share to all God bless y'all and stay safe
The first funeral i attended There wasn’t too much i understood about death  Relationships that were broken Now mended  With shared sadness  
Did we design the seed? The little grain of Hope. Did we comand to grow? The little sprout of Faith. Did we create the Light? The ray that makes it grow. Did we command the rains?
What will it look like? What will it be like? When my world turns out like you planned When will I get there?   Feels like I’m nowhere My dreams are like dust in my hand  
- Stanza 1: Son Hello? Who are you? You are me. But I'm not. I mean I'm what their I's want me to be. I am who they are. And they are who I am. But now I look at the I AM,
I'm grasping. Clenching. My fists in sorrow. As I keep loosing this sand through my fingers. It cuts into my hand, As I squeeze it even harder. But as I do, I loose even more and my heart drops.
Dear God: Why was I born with a heart condition? Why did you let my parents’ divorce when I was at the ripe age of two? Why did you allow me to trust so much that I was easily misled as a child?
Here it goes My name has been called No, not by my pessimistic professors, Not by my mother’s irritation. It’s being called by a higher being You see, I am but a small piece
They say to be whole, you need to have faith.  To truly find God,you need to find grace. What they forget to share, in your crusade to pass,is that the road to heaven is paved.  With broken glass.
That pain that I felt in my chest yesterday is in my gut today And I don't know if it's the heartbreak  moving through my veins into other parts of me or if it happens to be the alcohol
I begged you for forgiveness But you sat on your throne a laughed I know you gave me my time with him like I asked you too You gave me his love so you could watch me As you took it all away from me forever
High up in the mountains on a clear, starry night, far behind me is the gleaming of the city's harsh light. Before me lies a valley clothed in fog's misty shroud. These mountains don't know
How do I see Babylonians? (People who move/live like vampires, leeches, etc.)
 To some people you are a threat. Much like the color jet black. When paired with the perfect flawless color white, the applause is never ending.
With the recent loss of my mom and dad, I can’t help to think how each of my sisters and brother are dealing in their own way with the loss.
What, shall I fear the veiled unknown? To die and pass the mortal shroud They say ascencion through the cloud Will whisk me to the Gloried Throne, But what awaits? No tongue has told
Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
Your glory reigns forever! You and Your words echo! You, Your Son, and Your Holy Spirit all move through me, in me, and around me! You did it Yourself! To share and show Your ultimate love! Thank You, God! You are life! You are eternal!
God will only find you in death, Your life won't matter to him. The help that you expect Is shortcoming with every breath.   I had a dream nothing mattered, Time just plays with us
Mother, queen, ancient one. She who gave birth to the son. Draped with the sky and a crown of stars upon your head. Your love and light chase away pain and dread. You lay beside me on my bed.
Colors in the clouds Illuminated by sun- God's coloring book
The taste of wine reminds me of a man who died to redeem me thousands of years ago. I have never met him. He doesn't know me. Back up, take this cracker from between my lips, I don't need you to save me.
So What Does LOVE REALLY Mean To You .... ??? Your Lovers' Touch Or The Things They DO .... ??? That Make You FEEL Your Love Is REAL ... ?!?
People can be the ones who inspire Others, but that would, of course, require A certain, overwhelming, perfect desire To put helping others above yourself. That would be the simple reason
Inspirations comes in many forms  Whether it’s a unexpected quote  Or a small little anecdote  Whether it’s from someone that inspires  Or sadly conspires 
I trace the bark of every tree,And feel the life in every leaf.I eat foods of abundant flavor,And taste fruits of wondrous savor. My sight is sharper than a hawk,
Commonplace themes though not necessarily cliche they've held their significance through time... For the artist, creative minds, these are old standards, reliable touchstones
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
I kickstarted your heart, Benz. Pushed your fetal blood in the right direction, connected your neurons. The foam in your infant lungs,  I turned that into oxygen.
I want to praise you  For all you’ve done. The actions you’ve taken  To become who’ve you’ve become. Everyday  You take a path unknown,
Merciful one, Hear my cries, May I find favor in thine eyes. May none of my words  I say be in vain, And may I, one day, find that quoin.
I have set the stars in place so that your eyes may see wonder and the moon so that you may hold my beauty in your hearts. Thunder and lightning so that you may hear the sound of my beating heart and see my radient light that flashes in rythme.
Health was Failing, Falling, Losing.   Spirit was  Depressed, Distressed, Low.   I couldn't  See The light Ahead,   Though I Had
Halt! Stop!  Wait! Pause! What words must I say to get you freeze? Take a look around at the world, dont you see whats wrong?
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
Who doesn't want a storybook life? Just write it all in and cut out the strife Who said that you can't write your own story Like a Disney hero you can rise to glory No such thing as fate no such thing as a curse
staring out into a glitttering night shimmering by the lights of the city i begin to think i think each light is a life a life that God loves and wants to be touched
There was a time when I was trapped by fears No day went by I didn't shed tears Haunted by these worries, counting every scar and ache It seemed every moment I could feel my heart break
I thank you Lord, for all the blessings you give The grace you show us every day that we live I thank you Lord for the earth, sky, and sea For the beauty we see in these wonders were created by thee
What’s the point of life? Why continue through the strife? I’ll tell you, I almost died: Fear nearly ate me up inside;
    Dear God,  I need a word, can you hear me?If I write these words do you think        they will ever feel me?I can't relate to love, I think it fears me.
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
may ayimafro-germanpoetessayist established theterm "black german" until then germans wouldcall a person of color a "neger" however oneof the most inspiringtalentstook her own life: august 91996 that's it. god bless youmay ayim
The day started with prayers Is very blessed and rare God's blessings showers all day long Upon the one who will not do wrong A person who helps others in need Will helped by God, indeed
In the beginning was the Word, And the Word was with God, And the Word was God. The Word was a whisper, yet also a shout;
A  Short Psalm   The Lord is with me; I shall never go astray from his path, Which is laid out before me, never ceasing Even to realms of glory, so far from
The Eagle  Swooping, soaring, over branches And under sun. Silent, graceful, over branches And under the sun.  
The Snowy Hollow  Trees reach up Like long slender hands Over the stillness. All is hushed There is no need for Words.
Wiped away tears from the hurt that was shed Hide the mistakes that were made on wrists because they wanted to bleed beauty  As they were told they didn't make the cut  
Snowflakes can be Heavy
do you know the word home? do you know what it means? do you know what it  smellstastessounds  like?  do you know what it  feels 
I'm walking through barriers. One after the other. Sometimes it breaks me. But i turn to the Father. Scream out His name. As my breath leaves my lips. Lord I needs help! As I fall to the pit.
My name is Ahab: king of all of Judea, king of all I can be, king of all there is but me.   There’s girls from forgien lands
But I don't know much about God I know want to sit with him and his others But my existence is sin And I'll never reach what I want   Its fruitless
In the dead of night The moon shone bright  A lone soul raced In search of the light She was being followed by her prey And had nowhere safe to stay
The Morrigan was found from olden days, To be from the tribe of Celtic haze, Worshipped for strength and war, She was the goddess of gore.  
her lips were a bloody crimson, calling attention in the dim light of crowded dance floor.  [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]  her voice was soft, husky
her lips were a bloody crimson,calling attention in the dim lightof crowded dance floor. [her dress was hellfire, scorching those who got too close]   her voice was soft, husky
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
with the intelligence of a god, for whom intelligence is the base, it would hardly seem odd, if she got red in the face, when with the click of some keys, at a relatively quick pace,
Sissy-fits pushed his rock around the hallways. He pushed his rock around his home  Sissy-fits pushed and pushed and pushed his rock.  His rock never felt at home. His rock always needed to be moved.
Trembling, timid, twisted Rebellious, reckless, ruined Ebbing, erring, ensnared Amuck, anxious, afraid Sporadic, stressed, sinful Ugly, unsure, umbrageous Restless, ruthless, recalcitrant
Untangle the strands that trap and immobilize, reach into my soul and revive Give me a breath, a breath of your life   My thoughts are ruthless but your love is relentless in pursuit of me
This Sunday I cried. I cried over little things - The outfit that wasn’t perfect. Tripping on the sidewalk. Being late to Church…again.    
From the tales of ancient prophecy  The rivers run to eternity without end  The destiny of all things certain A return to the same place in time
Whether she blamed him or he blames sheThe fall was always meant to be.The gift of knowledge,Forever blessed,Born from the woman’s mess.Yes it is she, sheWho stole the apple from the tree,
1,000 friends in a life time you could make. Unfortunately; most will turn out fake. Only a few will prove themselves true. As you do them, they care about you.
From the distance, When the trees that obstruct, Are deconstructed, And the towers of steel, Are forced to kneel,
You're my sadness, Also my happiness You're my lover, Also my enemy You're my laughters,
"Who are you," he asks, "Are you a god or a fool?" I tweet in response, "Noobmaster, It's Thor again..." Hammer and beer at my side.  
Sometimes it helps to pause a sec  To bow my head and genuflect  To slow my breath and just reflect On the sins of mortal men   Sometimes I laugh until I cry We’re doomed to cry until we die
“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through
2 June 2019 10:37 AM Flakes of light drifting down Radiant dreams touch all around What light adorns this wonderful world That shadow would run to find the door
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
Is growing up like graduation, A sudden change, an exclamation? Or is it like radioactive decay, As childhood wastes away?   Whatever the case may be, What it is for you, It will not be for me,
Put bullets in the heads Of all you hope to acheive. Your life, is futile. It is the most meaningless Of all vanity, And I suppose I can not Describe it. Death to self
I grew up not knowing much, I only learned about God and such.   See I felt above because I only knew of God’s touch.   I didn’t know about depression, anxiety, drugs, these things that I saw as odd.  
The Young Sapling By: Madison Winchell   The young sapling, small and frail Is suffocated by the roots of mature trees.
Radical Self Acceptance    You are of my kind,  Uniquely divine,  A different breed of beautiful unlike anyone I have ever seen Clothed in angel energy; Beam and radiate fully now
There’s a path to the house from the meadow, Leading home from the dark forest’s gloom, Well-worn by the feet of your Father, As He fought, ran, and chased after you.  
You are my maker, my savior, Creator of all things.   My life compass, my captain, The light I use to navigate and spread my wings.   You are my protector, my redeemer,
Maybe you should just try to let them in Try to let them see that you're hurting, that you're hurt by his words. He damaged her beyond repair yet here she is... brOKen.  I'm okay she says, I'm fine seriously.
I may not relate to those who are happier than me. Although I may not show obvious signs of struggle, I am still lost.
Day in, day out What is it all about? I can’t deny This change I’ve taken Maybe I’ll be different.   I’ve walked through Depression I’ve walked through Anger I’ve fought my battles
My god used to carried me on his shoulders and call me “baby girl”
We are all unique, different colors we each display And that means we can each serve the Lord in our own special way Those of you who are missionaries spread God's word No matter what you face continue on undeterred
As I stand at this gateway I think of heaven In my head it is framed As a world with no enemy A world with a perfect God A world colored gold by faith
The happiest point in my life, Is somewhere I'm supposed to be, Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife, Instead it should be carefree; But that has nothing to do with me, But I'm blessed with a family,
It seems like you are trapped, do not know what path to take. You see the high mountain ahead, which will lead to your destiny.
I broke one of God's Commandments when I stole an extension cord.I was struck by a bolt of lightning because I angered The Lord.God is cracking down on those who break his Ten Commandments.
How is it? That after so long of waiting. Asking. I would recieve this gift, And forget.   How can it be? That after feeling complete peace. Love.
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
I am self-sufficient I am the ying to my yang I do not need a man to heal me But I do need him, when the time comes To understand that I am already whole And not in the way that the ocean is
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
Dear unknown force that supposedly created the world, You created the world Good job
For thy Questions I call to thy art whom made heaven and earth is the earth heaven or hell
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you? I wasn't raised a Catholic, but I know Baptists,
I’ve been crying out for aid, But I’m rewarded with silence, I’m screaming out for help, Only for my pleas to fall On the ears of a deaf deity.
I got a lot of potential, but I just can't seem to break the seam, Greatness gleams as I step on the scene, a prodigy, Prolly mean that the product of me is God in me times a part of me,
    Twinkling in the corner of my eyes  Shining past leaves of the trees I pass by She warms me    Revealing the blinds she is always there  Smiling compassionately with such empathy   
We will have peace, Whether we are in Eden, Or Gethsemane.   For we will rise with the sun, And we will eat sweet fruit, From His vineyards.   We will go to the water,
When the red sky comes, Clouds form and heavy wind pushes me into confusion. Wind grabs me by the hand, Trying its best to hold me back.
In the begining, there was an egg. God said, “Let there be chick!” So the egg turned into omelette.
When I sit in silence, I close my eyes. What's that noise from afar? I need to change the oil in my car. Wait. Pause. Breathe. Breathe…….
It’s amusing to me about how societal standards can affect one's mind deeply. It causes multiple questions to cultivate and confusion to disperse about identity.
My routine with you has never changed. Night and day, Your promises seem so far away. My routine with you has never changed. I pray, I write , I read.
This mask I wear everyday, It is only a disgrace. Covering who I really am, But showing what I want people to see. This mask is the perfectionist in me.
If you were here I would give you a big sweet smile I would tell you how world is, I will teach you how to dance Even take you in my arms, everyday my sweet child
God hired angels To write some books Those books Were called life The angels have to Choosing our destiny Arranging our fates Erasing our dumb choices
My dear child,  I thought of you before time existed or darkness was created. Before there was dirt beneath your feet and Earth before your eyes, I knew you, and I loved you
Dear God, Why can't I just die? Then this would all be over, I wouldn't be constantly screaming in my head, I wouldn't be like a broken vase, held together by craft glue.   Dear God,
1. A missionary trembles in the pulpit, exhorting you with tales of the fire of God, of kings and coals, of a man who had seen angels and thought they omened his death.
     How to express yourself to yourself     Living life fake and wishing to be better     A mind were there is no control makes you think of the dark creeping inside   
Why is it so difficult to trust You with my life?  To hand over the keys, to physically pry my tight fingers Away from the controls midflight.  You, knowing end from the beginning, knowing which way the wind will blow, 
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
I was born Of a European Yew. Its mighty bough had grown Twisted and encrusted With moss In the garden of my great-great grandfather. As he left his house for the final time
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
When I eat veggies, Nature comes to my own brain, When I drink cocoa, I thank God that I exist. What can explain it? I am not an accident. Why with randomness? Everything has a purpose,
There wass in that this was, in for devil in a merit war, in for my own. But that you ask in me that this could wait in me in if in what was gone back in time.
My naem is Hades, this is my refrain, you shouldst know me by it, in this future, but this plaes, with these paopel, is not the saem ,
Sitting outisde watching the leaves change colors I contemplate and think about my righteous Savior How He has always been present ready to guide me
Racism shouldn't have power, it should be powerless. Hatred should not be fruitful and allowed to multiply, the seeds it plants should be flowerless. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
Me and my girl were recently having a conversation, that broadened perspectives and led to revelations. Trying to define relational lines, while avoiding proverbial landmines. I always tell her that to me she's like the sands of time, timeless.
I hate the way she looks; But I want to look just like her. Her olive skin and dark hair, Her hips that curve wider and wider. But that’s her not me. She’s fake but I’m not good enough either.  
From the moment we are born there are things that shape us into the people we are today. For me and you we are given the choice to be shown the way.
God Your Freedom   God Your Freedom,  has became my song that I sing too lifelong  I’ve learned so much  accepting your grace your patience and love  has put me back into place, 
Gone too far from your glory. Often believed in my own story. Day by day, my path began to darken. Involved in all the wrong deals. Soon, I began to realize what I had sacrificed. God, I need your grace. Openly I accept you with obedience. On ever
I am a terrible person I am selfish Arrogant Dishonest Lazy Prideful I ha
It's who she is that makes her beautifuland not her looks that make her glowBut her soul shines through her fleshlike the sun that beams against the iciclesUniquely designed snowflakes intricately combined
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
Allow me to express my deepest gratitude In words deep from in my soul You are always there when I wake up And the first one to answer when I call You taught me how to open my heart
They see me I see them  they go towards the future and I while I try figure out time Its a wave till it reaches a shore  Reach is the definition of time  With time they are able to see me 
My love starts unfolding at the shore. Beginning at the rocks surrounding the flame pit solid, impenetrable, guarded, grounded but prepared for ascension as it harbors in the warm light.
While i fumble my words  my eyes dart to the ground, but I feel the touch of your soft warm hands pushing my head towards the sky. Your booming dialect guides me through the deep dark corners.
Lord I'm not even sure at this moment where to start I feel as though I should probably just come straight from my heart pour it out like the storm brewing in the dark
Today I saw a beautiful dream It was somewhere from within It seemed so real at the time - I wonder I dreamed that love has ruled the world That no one is sick or hurt
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
What comes after death? What lies beyond the final breath? Is the body just a mere shell? Do we really go to heaven or hell? Or the murky fields of Asphodel? Or are we all under a spell?
Sailing on the sand I know the dangers up ahead My mind is on and ready My heart is leading fully   Sailing on the sand
I hold a wounded Christ, or so legend says, within this fragile sand dollar - five punctures - hands, feet, side   no blood or gore to disturb me but a gentle reminder of his sacrifice  
GOD IS SCIENCE A Sonnet   When God and Science both come out to play There’s something people need to realize: The wicked man may drive them both away,
The stars cry the hallows of heaven. They declare the name of our Creator. The thin air on the peaks of the mountains, Is the echoed glory of our Savior. The purple-black sky is the shadow cast,
Scripture and verses  like a wildfire emmerses  me, pulls me in and curses  all the things trying to come against me  What am I saying?  I mean it's a guide  don't wander 
Step up to the mic Testing one, two, three Center stage everyone  Wait, but there are no people to see   All of a sudden a voice is heard “Look around my dear” So I do, I see nothing, so I reply
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
What if I don’t feel strongly about anything involving words This is my consciousness My brother is coming home I hope I don’t want to be alone Meaninglessness means nothing
My beloved is like Jonah; He's been in the belly of the Beast. Once the whale had thought him dinner, Jonah was quickly freed. My beloved is like Matthew; Imprisoned, though not to blame.
Though I was a sinner but now a believer Jesus my Redeemer and my only baptizer. It’s not by my righteousness I received forgiveness because He was selfless and though blameless
Once the light has been revealed to you it is inescapable you open your eyes and there it is filing into you but you still blink
Always thought that good is the great Help me out always never be late  If i came in crying he’d open his gate Master of the world controlled my fate  God is strong God is a baller 
In love with the process, longing for growth. My mind beginnings to wonder upon what it's like situated at the thrown. Conceited with my own thoughts on why I'm still laying around at home.
When the morg fills with these bones of mine, please know that I was not alone. For inside me, was mind, made 1 and 3, the soul to which I cling from with in is composed of the holy trinity.
Poetry has taught me to be free,To be completely me,Poetry told me, "Don't worry about this or that."Poetry whispered in my ear and said,
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
My first memory was driving sixty-seven miles per hour on the freeway, any other day, just going through the ride.   My next memory, my windows were gone, there was a board by my head, car was on its side.
They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
It took me a while to see that what we had was not love, But what I found here, I'll never fall for a carbon copy again. The words read here are to heal, not to offend,  So with that being said  
The light of the Lord Shines within me. Where I was once broken He mended me, When I felt alone He was always with me. When I was lost and hurting He took me by the hand,
Woman, Girl – Lift up! For far too long your shoulders have bent forward from the weight of the despair of injustice, inequality, mistreatment, ignorance, devalue, degradation and disregard.
He rose, and faught, and saved the world. But first He had to die. three days, He stayed, there in the grave and met Death eye to eye.  
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
I wanna cherish the new day, I wanna sing with the sunshine. I wanna dance with the wind and The stars in the nighttime. I wanna live. I wanna laugh. I wanna love my God and people everywhere--
says we should favor      the simplest theory,      all things           being equal in this roll of dice life but I prefer the more complex      if it means an Ear           to hear
I want to know why the sky is blueAnd why Death must come so soonWithout warning, life is dueBut not ever knowing why the sky is blue.   I want to know where the willows lie--Why their hearts can never dieAnd Mother Earth will always denyWe're sea
I'm an atheist, But that doesn't make me rude. Keep on trucking, theists, By all means, you do you. But I don't appreciate Being painted as the villain.  I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
Before I start this, I want to let you know, I don't want no Glory, I just want you to hear my story
Dear God, I love You. Very Very Much I love You because You first loved me There’s no Love greater than Yours, I’ve never heard of such
I was faithful, I was good. Constant in prayer with my Lord and Savior I knew Without a doubt that I Was safe in my Lord's arms. But then that blessed day came. The sky was bright and brilliant
Thank thee, Lord, for living. Thank thee, Lord, for death. Thank thee for the ashy air  That fills my bony chest.   Thank thee for misfortune, It took me by surprise,
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
Does Heaven have a stage? Does God have a microphone? Will I sing for Jesus when Heaven takes me back home? Does Heaven have a stage? A drum set and some guitars?
Humanity knows nothing, and everything is a question, from the insignificant to the minutely less insignificant, like why did I have a bad day, and why does the universe exist.
What is good? What is pleasant? What is kind? In the truest meaning of the words no Thing is good, pleasant, or kind that I find. On any one thing, I could ne'er bestow Such a word as good or pleasant or kind.
Hast thou been to Paradise? He asked me as I rolled the dice In a small game of chance. That word does not suit my fanc'. Nothing is certain, I say, Nor Heaven, nor Hell, nor Purgatory.
deephate lossand anguish it all mixesinto onelargemess somewords dont eventouch thisfeeling myeyes areallout of tears and hanghalfclosed
Can a man forget his sins Or shall they plague him all his life? Will he fight their mem'ry forever In a secret war of strife?
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
light came from the window and fell on my arm the other day   it felt a lot like you warming me from the inside out wrapping me in peace and contentment   I watch the world pass by 
Lost in a sea of loneliness- Drowning in this ocean of tears. I have no life. I'm suffocated by fear. Visited the Lord just once- Guess I've died the second death. Trapped in my mind to scream and yell;
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
Father, can you hear me? My heart in pain outcrying,I need redemption, I beg you, please, To calm my fear of dying. Father, I apologize;I lay my burdens down.For all the sin and all the lies, I’m sorry, I cry out.  Father, for your grace, I thank
Black man, I see the sulk in your eyes, The wrinkles, the bags of countless years of work, Trying to race ahead through the obstacles,
Dear God, Thank you for creating your masterpieces, trees. Oh God, how nice are Your trees, with branches reaching out to You, with leaves that gleam in the sun, with roots made to gather
Dear God, Or Maybe not so Dear.   Where are you? Where have you been? It feels like I’ve been on “Read”             forever.   Where were you?  
My sorrow lays unclad as he dissipates like a breeze never to be felt and never to be seen too many he never existed kindly felt by the few who accept the truth
I pray that everyone will be at peace I pray that hate will decrease and love will increase I pray that there will be peace and that everyone will get a piece I pray that war and crime may cease
Dear God, I can see my whole face in the pupil of my eye. I can eat a whole piece of my mom's pumpkin pie. I can handle a handlful of the diamonds in the sky, but why try when we're all just gonna fly
                                          Dear GOD,                 I thank you for showing me that there more to life.          I thank you for providing me with experiences that teaches me lessons.
I see it in the shadows,  behind me and below. It follows me everywhere,  everywhere I go.  This burden that I carry,  from every day to day,  May one day prove worthy, 
Dear God, The World is fast-paced, I see it as so. When one life breathes alive, another life seems to go. The World never stops to ease destruction in the streets,
Dear former self,   I’m writing you from the other side of that place  Where the two rivers meet You haven’t seen it with your earthly eyes But have with your soul You haven’t a memory of it
Dear God,
I’m praying for a troubled girl,who wishes for a change.Everyday she feels different,everyday she feels strange.
  I may have believed in God But I always thought the devil was a farce Sitting in the cramped closet of a church for Sunday School
I may have believed in God But I always thought the devil was a farce Sitting in the cramped closet of a church for Sunday School The girl next to me sneezes and I don’t bless her
  Dear God Why do you let me down? I pray and pray, yet I still frown. Is it something wrong with me? Are my morals blinding me? Is everything that I live by binding me to its rules?  
She was blowing just one candle of the cake , but the ancient serpent wasn't having it. He had seen the mark, the anointing and power bestowed on her.
You won't believe me if I told you Your life is nothing but a dream walking in complete darkness it's your job to paint your life !
This is His real name Yahuah your Elohim Is the start and end
Dear God,
Dear Life,   Some say you're short, some say you’re long, But I can’t make up my mind as the days go on. How slow or how fast will you decide to go by?
Dear Allah, This is Your masterpiece of wonder, Who at only six years old Could speak and direct the world, Be it real or virtual.
Dear Future Child, Life is not easy, you are going to get kicked in every direction. You will get lost, you will get confused, and you will not know what to do.
Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain. While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.
you can only get so deep before bursting into tears being vulnerable is hard before it’s easy where’s the key that opens up all the locks 
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
Dear divinity.   I have many questions for you That I'm not sure you'll ever answer Because over the last few years of my life My fealty to you Has grown less and less steadfast.
Dear God,  
I have never known what kind of person I am Except that I like to be alone, And that loneliness is my best friend. There has never been a time that I was not relieved To feel my tears stain mascara to my cheeks.
Stars in the night Shepherds and wise men saw the star, That let them to the king of all
Dear God, Can you hear me? People say you hear everything, but are you listening? I have some questions to ask you, and words I want to share. So please, listen to me.
Dear Life, You are the common denominator of the masses   Sometimes friendly and gentle Sometimes harsh and rough  
Jesus, please guide my way Show me how to live Godly day by day Please show me how to love my friends and family And for all my wrongs, please forgive me You're my Friend, so I’m glad to hold Your Hand
Have you ever dreaded to take a breath Not the kind that fills soft moist lungs But the kind that follows a silent death Let me go no further For I can see you I don’t have to be there
Everyone wants liberation from something.  Seconds, minutes, hours go by Of which everyone is counting.  It'll be just a moment before you can  Finally fly, But after all, you're just a man. 
Let your house be a home for you, and if it's not then make some room for the God in you Open up your doors to the Spirit of love, alive in you, He is alive in you, let His wisdom enlighten you
Untitled #1   We paint this image of god This almighty picture of order and love This sense of safety big and strong God is divinity 
I wonder if we wish upon a starfor things to be different from the way they areWould it erase what has originally been written in the stars?  
The truth, my pride. It's all conflicing... See, I've been hurt so many times, ain't no tears in me. So memory lane I'm jogging faithfully, but waking up some days... I don't take so graciously.
Dear God, There are many things that I don't understand that I may come to know later but one thing that I know I'll never understand is why the people I loved
You come into this world with the reassurance of acceptance and love.
I said i’d leave you alone But nights like these make me want to talk to you. You’re the piece of my youth & desperation That god no longer wanted to carry.
Dear God,
Ya keep callin' Keep callin I won't answer To these lames playin' games I think they messed up
Oh how I’ve messed up The trouble I have caused The hurt I have caused
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
I’m from a small town, lonely and lost, my dysfunctional family, with a lost hope in humanity, growing up with so little, so little to love,
Dear men in my life,   There is so much chaos running through my body Through my veins, Through my mind, Through my soul.  Where can I go To find true peace and happiness?   Love
Jesus Name is so Sweet. He is Immanuel That means God is with us, so all is Well Let me say it again, Happily, I repeat: Jesus Name is so Sweet.
We are children of God Yes! God is our Dad We are siblings of Jesus From our sins, He frees us We are loved and cared for by God
God is so Good, I lift Him on High Way Way High, way above the sky He is so Good, He will forever be Glorified When battles came I was scared and horrified
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
What is Great Love? Great love is this: Someone who lays down His life for his friend Someone who will love you till the end Someone who will never pretend
"If you don't write your story,  Someone will write it for you." I would agree with that.  Yes, I'd say it's true.    But someone will write it anyway,  When you're buried deep in the ground, 
"If you don't write your story,  Someone will write it for you." I would agree with that.  Yes, I'd say it's true.    But someone will write it anyway,  When you're buried deep in the ground, 
Dear future me, I wonder who you turned out to be… You were always an anxious one The type who’s too scared to have too much fun
To the ones I no longer hold dear,   When your picture is pointed out on the tapestry That's hung in the archives of my heart By it's new inhabitants
Dear Lord,  
If only you could see,My favorite place to be.A place where I can rest Is nature at it’s best. The water ripples near So loud it's all you hear.A secret place to be, A spot made just for me. In shallow waters still,To touch would send a chill.A sh
Dear God,   I’m in a funny spot I call it funny because I’m laughing out my mascara I know You’re here
Dear Lord, I'm higly stressed, Please help me on this test Amma do my best and let you handle the rest Dear Lord, please help me on this test Because if I don't pass, I'll be a mess Lord, feel my chest
It'd make sense to sell books filled with psalms our love has inspired. Profit from the nonstop poems venting the glories I admired, But it's not worth a dime , not even a dollar,
The walk to my curch  is somewhat lengthy, but I need the salvation tonight. Six o'clock is fast approaching,   urging me to pick up my pace. The fellowship dinner winds up taking 45 minutes
Dear III,   I fell for you, Blind. You were something new, Something different, And I felt something I'd never felt. I wasn't supposed to. We were headed down separate roads
To Missense I only write letters to family though estranged, that you still are, after all You’ve run in the blood
Tomorrow we shall go- leave before the dawn spreads out and finds the shadows untouched by light
New life, new me. That’s how it’s gonna be, I was a sinner, lost at sea I screamed for help, and God heard my plea He reached down in the waters, and rescued me
Dear God,   Are you there? Are you really there? Mass shootings, floods, and fires abound… yet selfies, self-promotion, and “self” are all around…  
Crickets chirping, light off suddenly she's in the dark.Heart pounding, mind racing, just her & her thoughts.Good & bad, the wish I could's, was it me? What did I do?
I know it's not gonna be easy There's gonna be hard days There's gonna be sad days I know that life will sometimes feel like a maze But with God, I'll make it through, because He is good in so many ways My God has never failed to make me amazed I
Tasted now, a love so pureSugar sweet, a cyder richA love by no other name,Which can be called thisIt's warmth embraces, even the distantA flame, a light, burning deepThe darkest of hearts can not escape
You say you don’t seeYou’ll deny it foreverBut the truth statesThere’s no such thing as “Never”
The universe,An unequivocal mess of chaotic understandingLanguage, by which, no other comparesAnd the One who authors itBy no other name than what isThe very essence of existence, language
He’s been called DeadHe’s been called a mythIt’s been askedCan He make a rock even he can’t lift?
I am the only person in existence, sitting in the only room in existence, surrounded by a sea of darkness beneath a blackened sky, violent waves
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
*snap* Severed ends of a good mood *snip* They walk out of sight and out of life *rip* Your carefully assembled resolve dissolves
Speak Ugly empty silence in my chest You painful knot of bitterness Full of regret and accusation Speak Each part inside me that dies
They say to view him as my father. But my father abandoned me, and my father forgets to love me, and my father tells me "shhh" every time I speak near him, and my father chose a life of "spirituality" over me.
We're the arrows that God uses for his bow, and most of the time, he's missing He's drunk in his backyard and blindly picking us up from the dirt ground
Love isn't always easy, Challenges may come your way. But as long as you hold hand in hand, You will live to see another day.   Everything is up to you, You have your pen to write.
you and me, should we be healthy should we share love, you and me.   Love. It is Love that makes us. But oh, oh what is it that makes love?   Because i love you i, your significant other, must
Shall I not enjoy life’s generous gift,   Bouquets of roses and of birds and trees,   When in God’s  glory does my spirit lift,   To hear the quiet music in the breeze?  
Some say it is impossible to try to take on the powers of God. Some say it's wrong. Some say just bow without question. Are you the part of the some?There is are war going on between my spirit and my flesh.
I've never seen you But I guess that doesn't mean you're not there It's just that people don't really have a clue I mean about you They use you to scare    They say they preach your name 
A clear tapestry sewn together with the tools of Passion, Love, and a firey Obsession Can be bound together with ones true confession Because I Love you I let God take you away, 
What is love? The world can't answer this question. The world says its conditional. Its temporary. Its greedy. Its lust. But love isn't those things. Love is unconditional.
I Love You, So…                                                                                                                                   I Love You, So I Will Be there when you are sick—
just like adam and eve you are the god that breathed life into me
no light at the end to guide you even though I'm pointing the way you will ignore me, won't you because you think I speak lies but I wouldn't lie to you I couldn't because you're too deep
I wish you took his hand in yours and I hope you guide him to your shining light he is not saved and he needs to be because he is too important to lose
Last time around it was 25 to life this time around it's A New Life a new beginning Come on with me they gave me attempted murder aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
love to grow   i. Baby Love   When I was a child, I spoke as a child The most musical language I’ve ever known
Because I love you I will uplift you everyday Because I love you You will  throw any negative connotations about yourself away You are beYOUtiful Yes in your own way. Friends are your soulmates too.
Look up towards the sky You who are weary, Look up towards the sky You who whisper softly
I miss my home and all that it is, Full and loud, it is what it is, It is all that I miss. I miss my sister's smile, I miss my books and files, I love my cold kitchen tiles. The normal bend of my bed,
is this all a dream? or is it all real? are our lives a mirage? perhaps, we were created for fun   are we placed on this board game to do nothing but be shot down by the aspects of life?
Love isn't always perfect, but it's consistent and unconditional It is patient, kind, understanding, and genuine It's asking how someone is doing If they're not good, you'll be there for them
I feel like I am lost.Every mistake I make and sin I takeDoesn't lead me awayBut blinds meI
A Soul so pure Clearer than any crystal, Brighter than any Sun.   In a place upon Heaven, Next to God's own throne, Side by side.   Waves crash with each other
I want things That I avoid Because I do not want To want. Wanting comes with anticipation And desires, when they
My father in heaven has told me, Because I love you, I created you so beautifully in your mother's womb. From one step to the next I watched you, and now look how grown up you are.
Oh leagality? Is there a solution to The problems?
Everyday that I awake I thank the creator for the day then I brush my teeth with toothpaste and wash my face. As I pray for my sake Lord my soul is yours to keep, guide me through this day and keep me safe like a sheep
If a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I'm intellectually encouraged to paint a portrait on each line of each verse.
And the battle begins... He strikes from every angle...He sneaks in through them doors of... lust and desire.And every time you're weak, angry hungry or tired...HE FIRES! Liar....
I wish I could take you from your pain. I wish I could draw you a door So you could open it and leave, But paper doors are as thin as the notion. And we are two paper boats being set alight
I love you, With this Life. You will be my Wife   I will continually try, Please, do not cry. I will always Love you, & This is True   Even after I die
Ours & His - Word, Actions and Love Our Our Words Are thought expressed  Within the contacts  Of our heart's intent
Why?  Why would You create me?-- Why did You make me in Your own image?-- Why did You flood the earth And give mankind a second chance? Why do You provide for my needs?
Hello. I haven't had the chance To meet you. But, here are the things I feel, The things that are very true.
Man lives and dies By the same power. Water sustains life and drowns life. Fire kindles life and consumes life.   Why, God, must life end? Why must You give life And take life in the same way?
I struggle! Every day I struggle: I battle with the Truth; I wrestle with who I am.   I am a sinner, Indeed, that cannot be hidden, But my inner self I keep inside,
I cower in darkness, 
  Eyes closed Light vanishes and I suddenly Become a target to my past
Lord, thank You for this day that I get to breathe to laugh to love to.. live what more can I say?   Can I love You for the moments when I fell apart broken torn done
despair causes friction.  yes, hurt causes tension.   these years got me feeling undriven.  make it past these years.  work hard.  
Right and wrong is no longer definedBy a divided line Morality no longer exists in the human mindTruth has been overcome by compromise and lies
Oh lord, Shatter my heart through The barbed wire fence That embodies my logic And philosophy. Let my heart be an open wound, Let it feel the laceration That is the result of your truths.
We cannot mix God and the world Light and darkness Nor the flesh and Spirit It is ridicules God would spit you and me
From the shortest to the smallestFrom the biggest, tallest and GiantsLet's stop the violence's The average, smartest and brightest
Holy God, Sovereign, Faithful, Righteous and True I pray everyday that I may be reduced Death to the flesh, alive in You This is hard to do
There is only a two-way street For a human being It is seen With our ability Of Decision-making
My God is an awesome god. Expansions of skies He’s created. The stars--oh, the wonderful stars He’s created! He doesn’t need a watch,
You grow up understanding, Until the day you don’t. You grow up knowing, Until the day you won’t.   They tell you that it’s easy.
  I listen to the Lord, every single night I bow my head and pray to you oh Lord. I wish to be closer to you God. Like my garden angel, that hugs me so warmly.  
    The wind howls across the bank Be not afraid, weakness will break The darkness knows where to lay
I continuously shuffle the cards of life Searching for the answer of my wife On a rotary phone in Cleveland   But only receive a land line From Colorado this time So without a doubt you know 
As that pink blush Creeps to your cheek,My knees go weak.Tears spring to my eyes When I see that smile Spread across your face.The fluffy laceStrung to your dress Makes you look even more Like a princess.The fresh May flowers Sit by the doorAlong
Who I am can only be described in words that have no syllables  and stories that never end. I was there in the garden,  under the trees, made from Adam. Born into life,  soul in my lungs, 
There is a stupidity in this world. It drifts from person to person And it lingers in crowds. It is subtle but so widely stretched It encompasses the whole of humanity.
Just because I smile, don't believe I've never been through anything. Just because I'm not breaking doesn't mean I've never been broken before. You never see me cry because I've always had to be strong.
Darkness... Endlessly it spills into eternity. That primal void of light was a screen across the sky. And it was... But yet it was not.
In a different life things would be bliss, And I would not have the need to search the words to dis You and the curse brought upon my family’s life. Without the necessity to fight upon your wicked knife
They're a good heart mixed with baking full of joy, those two Their love is always for the taking Granted, is the life that was given But many lessons they gave implanted were they and not ridden.
My childhood's full of stories-- Happy endings and of kings: Of fairy-tales where love prevails And princes give me wings...   I knew that prince was coming, But I couldn't stand the wait;
Grant Me The Serenity Life, is it really worth living for ? I did not know until God opened the door
My blinds are always open Because, for some reason, Inside without Outside  Is suffocating My shelves are full but my library is empty My fan never stops spinning The carpet is stained -
I, too, sing America.   I am determined. They say I don’t have common sense They don’t think I can manage myself. But I know what I am capable of,
I see u's, I see n's, I see faces. They seem to tell a story, but they advocate none of the true. It all seems real until you see the flash. The flash of force 
Break the neck of the common man. This world is chaos No man is anyone but his song is a chorus. We sinners we 3 we nails to thee. These wounds to your skin, the story. The story of all mankind.
Open your door, and walk outside.The cool breeze running it's oxygenized fingers through my strong blonde hair.There's no need for negativity at a time like this.
This is two poems in one day, but so be it.   Psalm 147:4 ~ He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Isaiah 40:26 ~ Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these?
What does my soul want? You see if my soul wants something... The very thing that makes me, me... If it's crying out for something…
If you were to ask me a year ago, where I thought I'd be. I would say "dead" or "gone" Never would I have  imagined myself here. In this very room, surrounded by  everyone who I hold dear.
9:17 you shot me a call unaware of why you were I had answered your voice was filled with joy I remember your family walking in you were telling them to leave (like always)
In a land filled with strife, if only we valued life. The home of the free, where values stand, if only we cared more for our land. Our entertainment now is filled with lust,
The music will play and they will call me up front I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way The pictures will flash on the screen  And I'll search the families for mine I'll hear them before I see them
 Tick tock, Clock, Your face faces mine As if by some sinister design I'm inclined to sit and watch your hand. Placing bets like “I dare it to move”
Temples, chapels, shrines and mosques  All homes of Almighty Gods    Whoever the hell has more might    She prays to, for a life of love.She's tired of demons and the ghosts    That possess her heart and soul
There is some one, In the sky, that with his eye, He likes to spy. He looks at me, He looks at you, I think it's amazing And He says it's true.
Capture my eyes with the beauty of your hands - How they measured out the seas and sent them to sands, How they formed galaxies just for my wonder; Capture my eyes with lighning and thunder.  
We are the country who Pledges our allegiance to A flag of Purity Valor Perseverance And justice
" i can do all things"  didn't stop at shoulder surgery  you see beauty in the little things  paint designs on butterfly wings so no: i won't pretend to know your plans because they're more than i could dream
Love thy neighbor Love thy brothers and sisters Believer in Him or not One cannot deny, Love thy neighbor   To love thy neighbor To love thy brothers and sisters One must open their hearts
Father God, as about I go, My heart breaks for what this nation sows As blinder and blinder our eyes see Your ways, More and more, we number our own days
  They died lost and forgotten, half a world away. He died on a hill for His crimes, but what crimes they could not say. For us, all and everything both gave.
What if we all had wingsWings to lift our broken soulsWings to lift our shattered thingsWings to make us wholeWhat if invisible we could beNot to be seen or heardWould that set us free?
Secret, Pretty little fruit sitting on that tree 
"More, more." They say, "More, more." These voices won't stop This emptiness won't be filled enough "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more." More of what? More friends.
How do you suvive in a world thats full of evil? Where negativity flow so freely through our own people. Where a person is not free to be who they are.
We are the people of the USA. We’ve got to learn that we’ve got to pray. We the people are united no matter how hard we try to be divided. Yes were different, I’ll give you that. But it only takes one to make an impact.
Born into you, Cant escape you, There's no use running I cant even hide from you; Who convinces me that I'm not worthy, Who tells me I can't do anything, Who's love toward me
You have squandered every dime you had to spare, You have lost your home and left it there, You have wandered far from Father's house, But He is waiting for you and calling out. Your heart's been broken many times,
Her words can hold rhythm with the way your heart beats Her mouth spews promises I wish she could keep Theres whole galaxies in her head But she's afraid to leave the earth They say God is in the cosmos
Dreaming of the day When I discover the way you walk The way you smell The way your voice sounds deep When you speak and my ear is against your chest The way you kiss me gently But boldly
dreams. path. future. past i find these things don't always last  pain. promise. people. places  surrounded by unfamiler faces  another world, oh God's heaven  different eyes, didn't feel i could win 
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
that piece of clay  that i became  so long ago  in the montains rain  crafted by God  put together again  that piece of clay  a pot filled to the brim.  that piece of clay 
It Don't Come Easy A field of dreams falling apart at the seams today I sought a peace between two worlds From the one I knew then to the one I wish to know
I didn't think my heart could break anymore over you, But here I am wondering what to do Because every thought of you   Rips another piece away  And every time I try to pray I have no idea what to say.
How does one word have so much meaning? It makes everything surreal and feel like I'm dreaming Love appears in the bible over five-hundred times It has drastic effects on our own paradigms.
We are all renters here Living in borrowed space Here and there, far and near For the entire human race
A song played on the radio. Told me that I gotta know That I'm not alone. Eyes welling with tears, I turned it up so I could hear. Someone with a love so great, That it never runs out.
As days turned to years And faces grew lined  Time grew scarce And harder to find And somewhere between the tick And the tock The face of our God became The face of our clock
A Cadet in college takes another sipalong with his brothers so why would he quit?Sitting on a bean bag having the time of his lifehe'd drink away his problems and wouldn't think twice.
I can hear him whisper in my ear, he calls my name, controls me with fear.   These vile demons running in my head, live in my dreams and beneath my bed.   I feel guilty.
All people walking this Mother Earth.Did you know you have eternal worth?That you hold within a true radiant light.Did you know it is a spiritual guide?Did you know there's more to life than to work and die?That you came to earth to live a greater
Coming from the continent of Africa Born into a family from Paris, Tennessee. My name is Darice
F-A-T-H-E-R I wish I could define this term I wish I knew what it was like to have one I wish I could save up my money and buy one I don't even know what I would do with one
The changes I see were only meant to be. God has a plan, always told, but not a big fan. Young naïve, no understanding  of what I should do.  Reassured was I, that everything was fine.
I used to have this car People thought it was a sweet ride, But there was a flip side They didn’t realize the controls were all behind me The pedals, the radio, the side mirrors See, I had a backseat driver
"Put your feet in the water, do this for me my daughter. Can you finally trust in me? Or do you fear uncertainty?" To me He said this,  He reached out to provide me bliss. 
My love for you has grown so much. You've taught me to how to love,  and appreciate the sky above. Your word inspires my life each day, and I want to please you in every way. Thank you for taking care of me, 
 She never liked the way her clothes fit on top of the skin that also never fit quite right. Her hands had always held things too tight and her feet could never run fast enough. She was either too much or too little for a demanding world.
The "Looking Glass Self" says that how others view us is how we view ourselves. It's amazing to think that we see ourselves through the eyes of someone else.
  The spirit of an earthly man is effortless. Buried in flesh and the ways of this world. Though living each day in his master’s indulgence, he is without internal conflict.
You are on the Road, the Road gets you to where you need to be. It does not matter how many potholes you hit. It does not matter how narrow the Road appears.
My childhood was more than average. Happiness and fun seemed endless Bits of insecurity on the inside started gathering, and with  my young mind gave me limits
Who I was  is not who I was meant to be Dark people, dark mentality, dark is who I became The fire burning inside me was from the need for approval I sought happiness in others and not within myself  
There was a then and there is a now, the past allows To walk a life of fire, blinded by tempations and desire. Tiny speck of light in the dark shines through,
The clock is set back and time is rewound As I look behind myself and contemplate I see a girl, chiding - so afraid to be found Lying beneath an oak in a cowering state  
The Year of Me, the Boy, and God   January    It’s your birthday. I wish you a year of bubbly euphoria and I can feel your grin against my lips.   We’re home alone.
A past year of endless blessings, And I find myself guessing of how the new spring rains will shower upon my life. I am a Child of God,
Dirt and shame were my middle names Only saw brown in the reflection Couldn’t stop the streams from falling A broken heart all I felt
Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
In the dark I was lost. In the dark who was I? Hollow like an open shell. Needy for a soul to cling to. Then you whispered softly, "I am who you seek." Hands stretched wide you craddled me.
there see it?    Ashes on the windowseal grey my fingertips as I lean over you a white dog sits by the oak stump in our yard   so? whats so special about some dog?  
One year gone, another one ahead. I look back in shock amidst life's dreary dreg.  It's true, I've survived, but have I really thrived?  Ups and downs fill my mind, still through it all I tried,
There are celebrities who people idolize.They may not know it but it's wrong in God's eyes.Jehovah God is the only one who deserves to be idolized.This may anger some people and some may be sur
The Bible is a how-to book, it teaches people how to gain eternal life.Please read it and share it with your children and your husband or wife.It teaches us not to worship false gods and not to steal.
Dear God, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being here for me when nobody else was. Thank you for protecting me even when I was doing wrong Thank you for being my provider when I needed something 
The Baptism of Jesus was a great experience and because of it, you and I are moved.When Jesus was baptized, God said "This is my son, the beloved, whom I have approved".
You’re making me new Giving me a new groove. Wiping clear the past, Correcting us with Your divine chast. While the rod de God hurts
God. A being we can never fully grasp without His help. One who brings us joy and emotion. He who first felt pain and sorrow
hot pink stripes falling from the sky. deep brown waves and pale fingers falling from my head. kneeling in a field behind a church with a razor to the back of my neck
Or maybe I found Him My family: Buddhists My friends: Christians Myself: Lost This was me in the past year Drowning in unexpected tears of confusion that led me towards God
There was a special woman in the Bible and her name was Ruth.She was loyal to her Mother-In-Law and God and that is the truth.Ruth's Mother-In-Law was named Naomi and Ruth soon became a widow.
One day, the veil was blown away. And I saw Him, like the flowers in May.   His eyes were bright, deep,
Our lives are like a song. God is the composer and we are the musicians.   We never meet His full expectations.
who am I? Am i different than i was the day before today? You tell me.  
Thanks God for letting me wake up today.Thanks God for letting me live another day.Thanks God for letting me have food and not to suffer from starvation.
In the beginning, God was the only one who had the gift of existence and he shared that gift with us.God also gave the gift of existence to Jesus and the angels and if you ask me, that was generous.
Watching from above, He could only view the world below As a terrible mistake. Wars rage, Temperaments are high, The people are corrupt. His peaceful dream, The one with Adam and Eve,
Do you ever say thank you to Him? "God i just had the best the day,  thank you again." I'm not saying I believe , I'm not saying there's an ounce of Christian in me .
Remember Her? By ChantaiRobinson
Martin Luther King JR. has his own holiday, God should be given a holiday too.God deserves to be given a holiday, that is what our Government should do.
Too many people don't believe in The Almighty God anymore.They don't believe in him, God is somebody who they ignore.So many of today's people are non-religious, they believe that God isn't real.
test me  i dare you: because one day i will have had enough  and you will realize that though i may be a freak  i am a freak to be reckoned with so remember that when you go to push me down 
As ink ridden eyes Gaze into white skies The world, a canvas The painter, relentless  The brush he holds A stroke of gold
My cousin has seen many Bibles that people have thrown away.Bibles are our greatest possessions, the world has seen better days.The Bible is like a letter from God and that makes it unique.
Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh
Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh
Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh
Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh
A crown of thorns  i bow before,  but know no other king; And nations fall  when they hear the call; that only God can sing relief, repent rejoice  as our king has again returned 
Stumble, trip and fall I will arise once more No weight may break me No obstacle may bar me I will overcome it all No demon shall sway me
Is it the ambitious girl dream? To wake up not knowing what the day may bring? Or is it knowing that through trials, and tribulations She will remain! Is it the ambitious girl dream?
God has given me the will and the skill to greet the day I wake up joyful He has given me a way to greet the day He helps me overcome every barrier He is my carrier This is how I greet the day
Out the window a thousand bright lights 
Satan is working extra hard and he's coming after me and you.We must resist his evil temptations, that is what we must do.When Lucifer makes people do us wrong, it's best to forgive them.
If you feel worthless and think that nobody cares, it's not true.You are priceess in the eyes of God and he won't abandon you.When some people feel anxious and depressed,
I greet the day with gratitude laced with longing. This hunger animates my entire being, Sharpening my senses, a new way of seeing. The pursuit of Light is my soul's calling.   I am a Light Huntress.
Crying Without holding back the tears Has become a habit for me. Almost everyday, I either watch something sad Or think about something that saddens me. But it always happens in the night,
I wake up with anchors tied to my limbs, a burden too big to toss I open my eyes attempt to arise but fatigued my body's at a loss The bitter cold runs through me, my blanket carreses my face
Today is the day The rest of my life begins. God has blessed me With the ability to see today. It is my day to Right my wrongs.
Thank you, Oh, Father For You have awaken me You are King of Kings
It's not just the sun kissing my cheek and brightening my eyes It's not just the chime that tells me someone is thinking about me It's not just the wind flying beneath me as I ride down the hill on my bike
You have to know what God requires  In order for you to be what God desires Never hesitate to take the plunge  Because you are never alone God wants you to know how much you can handle Because as a child
We sit around the table While the fire dances in the air Silence filled the room like a swimming pool filled with water Eyes connecting Hands grip tightly on one another waiting for something to be spoken
I laugh at the moon And all it says I cry to the sun And it happens again It's all a lie These romaticized gods It's all gone All taken by the one Taken by me I commit treeson
Remember to smile. Remember to love I may not know you, or know exactly what you go through But know, God will free his people They can put us in a box Behind the bars that has the locks
Waking in the morning in a country that is free. Smiling in the mirror because you are blessed to be healthy. Looking up above to see a roof over your head,
Seeing people laugh  Making people smile  These are just some things  That make it all worthwhile    What's the point of life?  The point of life is this:  Giving real effort towards 
If only for a moment, the tireless dictionary does not entirely fulfill the feeling. It cannot serve to support the brilliance of this eve of respite.
It was said. , I'm square as a block But a block head I'm not I turn away from the way of that's not right And walk towards Wisdom & HIS insight In HIM I am made strong No longer do I want to do wrong
There are those who know But refuse to grow They had a taste of the truth And walking around not showing any proof For they are corrupted and want the way of wrong And choose to follow those that are gone
The invisible force blowing the trees The flowers blooming and blossoming with glee With each and every day The Earth exhales in its majesty  
Oh Rose of the Battlefield Your innocence is seen a victimization The demons belittle you "God loves all" The scripture might say this But you feel like you've been curse since genesis Oh Rose of the Battlefield
a new poll shows that 47% oppose to kapernick's protest 32% support his stance this is a numbers game not surprise with these results this brother is being persecuted for something he believes in
Sometimes, life can feel a little slow A lot of people are only worried about one thing. Dough. Sometimes this makes you happy But more times than not, it makes you snappy. I, however, like to focus on my life
The stained glass sounds like a wind chime as it fallsThat wind, like the choir, brings God back from the dead.Maybe there is still a pew with a wrinkled hymnbook
When I was a young boy, I had a conversation with my mother. I asked her why she gave me the nickname "Chipmunk," And she said it was because I had the eyes of a chipmunk, Bright and curious and full of life,
to write? to right the wrongs? for the right of way? today? Is that right? to be Christened in Christ’s' rite? right?
I bought a picture of Jesus and it's hanging on my wall.When a man walks with Jesus, he has it all.Jesus lived on Earth and died t pay for our sins.Without him and his father, manind can not win.
I was stopped by a man in a room made of gold He sat and told me his life story yet he couldn't look me in the eyes as he called me beautiful   We were both looking for "God" in all the wrong places
I listen deep, I stand in the sunrise. I make a leap, I am a surprise.   The sun beams hit my coffee, I sip and read in devotion. This day is meant for me, To be an inspiration.  
She wakes up to the cries of her hungry child. Another night another hungry tummy experience. She hobbles to her baby’s cot, And feeds her from a dry breast, Before taking a cup of dirty water,
trigger touch  to end a life  throw a punch  or grab a knife  but why tell me why? is it so you feel alive? or is it because you hate goodbyes? well look me, look  into my eyes
A question rises out of the dark, Spoken quickly, it darts like a spark   Into the ears of waiting minds   And behind closed eyes the question lies: "For what purpose each day do you rise?"  
His Love It envelops me in happiness It makes my heart sing a song It pulls back the curtain of confusion It teaches me right from wrong  It shows me the purpose of life 
   To most people love is a word to be tossed around or a feeling to be found   but what they don’t know is it far deeper and greater and it is our Creator    to most people it’s a feeling or emotion 
I do not know what I’m suppose to say or the words I’m suppose to pray.   It is like one day he was walking Your way   but then instead of seeing black and white he started seeing gray
Why is it that our Bibles are covered with highlights, notes, and dust, but our minds are filled hatred, lies, and lust?   How is it that the churches are full on Sundays, but no one wants to pray on Monday?
As I enter this day,  what most do I crave? Unlimited, love-genuine intimacy with someone who never leaves   Embraced daily close to a heart that's 
He holds onto me Even when I loosen my hold on Him He holds onto me Even when I feel I'm letting go   My hand's sweaty with fear Worn with temptations Disjointed with pride
in the beginning , God created the heavens and the earth God created mankind to be a perfect image to Him in His image, He created male and female in that same creation, He made us
count blessings and look to the stars  for once the broken silence is ours broken only by our tear drops; and the sound of crying wolves  the anger always stops  and the courage all dissolves 
Faith. It sounds so simple. A cliche some might say. But to me, Losing my faith would be as if I lost my sanity.   My faith in God is a necessity. Without it, life would mean nothing.
Sometime I realize there's nothing left to say When someone that you love says it's time to walk away and Sometimes I know that there's nothing left to do But pray these words come the way they always used to do
This boy is one for the history books  
Work to live until you die? Or is there more to this life? Trying to build an earthly empire that will thrive, while working towards a distant dream that will never come to be.
Because Of Him I Write Because Of Him I Type Helping Me To See What Was Hidden In Me All Things Work For My Good And His Glory God Helped Me To Discover My Undiscovered Talent.
Everything in our life is a part of our story. It is continuously being written. There is an angel watching our every move. With a pen in its hand.
I read a pamphlet that asked if religion is dying, it's almost dead.Religion may be gone forever in just a couple of decades ahead.Religion is important to me because it's what America needs.
I love The sin I like The sin I'm live The sin What was sin? All for adjust With sin With god With good
I won't pledge allegiance to the United States flag, I only pledge allegiance to God.Some people may think that is stupid, ridiculous and odd.
Your will alone, and none of my own.Whether healing or loss, I look to the cross.All You have planned, I may not understand,But I still trust in You, for that's all I can do. Since You know it all, on my knees I will fall.Every night, every day, I
Lord, I am a sinner. This I know for certain, Yet I am not actively working towards self betterment.   Lord on the rare occasion that I get down on my knees to reach you, Most times I do not know what to say.
Cleansing myself with words from God Uttered through melodies of Truth Wrapping themselves around my broken heart Soothing my soul.
You are the reason that I am broken Thank you. For had you not broken my heart I wouldn’t have seen myself reflected in the shattered pieces  
I am a poet. My pen is my sword The ancestors and God fuel my every word Flowing out of this trident is ink from the depths of the ocean
That bright day bursting with promise, That bright morning beautified by golden sunrays, When my heart is light, When I walk with my head held high, To me, that’s a good day.  
Every morning he wakes up and sighs, To God he constantly prays. He hopes that today is the day he won’t lament, Because finally someone will notice his talent As he shares his beautiful voice with the world
Afraid that there is a greater potential  a box they give us to condition in if they do this long enough  they believe that we'll be trapped trapped in a mindset that they control No hope  No love
My mama told me that I belong in the world. Now I never took her word for it, For I never met a man who belonged. Not really. Not truly.   We are all struggling to get somewhere.
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
His smile is so enticing. It yanks them out of an abyss, His promises, Are the music that wake them up in the morning.
I had a strange dream last night, I was a cop in a lengthy firefight I was scared and the long awaited back up was just not coming Bang! Bang! The shots rang! And all my mind kept shouting was “run Charles run!”
The night sky spoke for itself. Emitting perpetual promise, Unlike the pretense of your idols.   Your lens dotted with the dust of pastors,  Fear of heaven, Mine clear with the spotless faith in
Music is the poetry to my heart. The melody and the beat are what resonate within me. When I write my own poetry
A god sits before his world, created by his own hand. He thinks something is missing and casts his great tool down to add to his world The missing item takes shape according to how he has envisioned it.
Who says that something is right?   A person with a degree As if some how they have special ability? Or a court of law— Do they have the right to govern society?
If only He made me a beautiful nymph, Though I do not mean to question my existence, But I do. You know who I love, What and who I want to love, As who I am for that lover,
silent breaking, day by day against my will, I run away afraid of those I used to trust one breath away from giving up   Hope seems but a vague memory
A grain of dust falls, With no purpose but to fall. What am I to thee?
Her skin: soft as the edge of her sword And her hair: carved from the volcanic ashes. Her heart: away from advancing toward His hardline lips; and her faint eyelashes: Disguising keys to his grave, shallow as--
I close my eyes And call out your name “Jesus!” And there I am Lost in blur A dark abyss of nothingness Everything around me is oblivious It’s just you and me Face-to-face
O Saraswati, seated on a swan Lotus in hand, and clad in white Mother of speech and verse, I salute you in your voice.   Born in the palm of the Mother And raised on her nectar
35 mph. Why am I here. 42 mph. I am nothing. 57 mph. Everyone would be happier. I’m a miserable person. 64 mph. I can’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t anymore.
It is a question answers is many thing about... But breath to breath enjoy at live god is dance with you! Stop your breath anything nothing god is always that...
Age 5, his innocence defies life. Age 8, he's smarter now, I wonder what'll he be. A fireman? Oh, we'll see.Age 12, alive and well.
thing is im weak so I fall to my knees I beg to you God please oh please help me  I need your strength to help fight this painyou are my light that guides the night I beg to you God please oh please help me  give me wisdom give me peace walk w/ me
Some days, it feels as though I have an identity And others, it feels like I’m faking. I am not a fake or a liar Am I? What does it mean, the word identity? I have always struggled to find the meaning
Fear's child.   you only know the terrifying gripping fear Pain's child.   the deep and winding scars are your identity  Hate's child.  the red hot anger is what makes you feel complete 
Listen fool, you write and weep. Go out and see, the truth that the world hides from me. Why do you enslave yourself in your own emotion? Like a man lost out in the ocean, drowning himself With faith and devotion.
It has been quite awhile, Lost in a world I did not belong in. Back to my roots where i was born in. Born again, Never looking back to the past that almost destroyed me. My mind melting, my thoughts clearing.
If you tell me again That we’re no different That we just happened Our luck was purely evolutionary I will give up trying Give up telling you that We’re different We’re special
He whispers to the moon, Have you really seen it all? The wars and the terror and the art Seen the righteous killed and the sadists born
i know it's a sin to compare you to God but damn you're the closest thing to heaven that i ever saw 
I remember the day When I had a lot to say Not yet knowing Jesus as the Way So my first thought wasn’t to pray   I didn’t know God was real And He could help me with the way I feel
I read a beautiful book It brings joy for my feeling Heals every broken piece inside me And gets my lost soul back with the peace it found
Then the , × in our votes is as good as the period at the end of this sentence Viewer's poll for a fate that was already decided Laws we must abide by like the Ten Commandments ,
the darkness consumes the heart and the battle with God begins, but with the power of the love is revealed through his amazing grace and now im free from the power of hell  
I used to walk down a wide dark path. Up until i heard a knock at my door.  A man was there. He spoke with great wonder, with great words. Its hard to stay on this path, he told me.
You are... You are my crazy, my sane, my strength, my weakness You are my law, my procalamtion, my truth, my forgiveness You are my ride or die, my #1 fan, my soldier, my ally
I found god in a bloody field of wheat, face down with ichor stained chains around his wrists, throat, ankles, and abdomen   He was handsome in the face
I just want to take a few minutes of your day,To tell you about how we can truly change society's ways,There's contamination everywhere,from our televisions, our music,our food and things that we drink,
Sitting in a sunlit room, I ponder how to begin   Words seem to distance themselves From me after So long a space I filled with nothing more than Wounded doubts  
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
Humans and stars. Stars and humans. Both mysteries only known by one.
A little girl She wanders in the night Searching for home Five years old with no place to go She doesn't understand why No one can see her No one can hear her No one hears her cries for help
His eyes They light up like stars When he's not being a loner   His smile It lights up a whole room When he uses it   His laugh Sweet, it sounds with joy
Hurt runs deep Tears are shed Hearts are torn Love is dead Try so hard Always fail Bruised and scarred Blood's red trail Makes it's mark On my heart Like a bullet,
My body is a temple Which I used to respect But now, I’ve gone and fucked it up My temple is a mess
Jehovah God gives people gifts, my gift is the ability to write.When we think about what God does for us, it causes delight.Albert Einstein wouldn't have been a genius without God's contribution.
Why me? Empty, and alone Stripped of my skin with my core exposed. I thought it was a dream, when the screams wouldn’t stop When my skin felt too hot When my eyes got too wide
When I was a child, they asked me, What do you want to be when you grow up? A question filled with good intensions
Hidden in plain sight like a lion in the prairie He sees you, yet is not seen He hears you, yet is not heard But by the ears of the spirit  
furious as I am, I searched for hope within my ravaging soul   believing that inside me, a speck still believes in life   thinking that beneath all these pain, my logic survives,  
My life is quite strange, I honestly don’t know why, I’m sad nowadays,   It’s not like I’m hit, They don’t starve me or hurt me, It’s me who hurts me,   I don’t see my worth,
Woke up this morning sweating Laying in a wet spot The heat must be on high Cause this house is freakin hot   I look out the window The sky is dark and grey I drank a lot last night
I believe in a god But not a god that others do   I believe in a god That makes bookstores feel mystical That makes you catch a whiff of old books That makes you almost swoon with nostolgia   
Head, shoulders, knees and toes knees and Head is filled with very foreign thoughts Shoulders lifted by the harsh anxiety I’ve somehow forgot
I need help I need something to hold me ever close Because everyday that I look out of my eyes to peek at the world that I will admit I sometimes despise I feel like I want to die I need help
  Almighty father above please forgive me, My wife wants me to do a deed that my heart refuses, My mind is waging a war that has no winner,
I'll express this today That beauty in the world comes to me seemingly so quickly At least until I feel like everyone in the possible known universe is ticked at me I'll express this today
Mortal the word which strikes fear in our bravest and shakes even the most reasonable minds... giving birth to ardency in apostasy  but also dogma, hate, and intolerance.
Everything has gone to hell If you couldn't already tell And I'm watching from the front line God is calling me... God is calling me but I can't answer No Don't answer
Dear God I know this is alot to ask I realize the universe you bear Of the multitudes clamouring your name Begging for the same solace I am about to beseech Hanging, high, out of my reach But dear God
why did it take me so long to realize  there’s only so many burdens a person can carry I apologize I made you my mule thinking you could carry the weight when in reality, you are a human
Not even God's favorite Angels fly parallel to He    For there is always a higher omnipresence   A benevolent companion to admire from below  
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
bow to no one  until courage becomes you howl at the moon because no one can stop you fall from the sky because up is now down learn how to fly  don't just stay on the ground 
I don't know how to write a poem when I don't know what to say When I don't want to stick around but I'm too numb to run away And I don't know what to say because that fear was all I knew But I don't feel anything now and
Since the day i was able to understand the real world, there has been this one man. He is always here. He never leaves. He is one of a kind. No one can replace him in my heart.
In the shadows  in the shade when the hope of past things fade forget the past forget the pain  when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save  it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 
“I fought in Vietnam. Watched my men lay down their guns.   Watched the life of my old buddy, Red, drain from his eyes. I heard the cries of a widowed wife,  as I told her, her husband died.  
when did innocence become insanity? even the voices in my head are sick of me wish they wouldn't feed the beast that I now have named Agony  but I swear it wasn't really me  it fed on words from humanity 
Poetry – because practice makes perfect Fiction was my first love, first poem I rejected It was terrible – oh so terrible Nonacceptable So I stopped writing ‘em for awhile
Standing here, surrounded by my belongings I wonder: If the fires blazed high And my room was to touch its lights What would I take with me?
More important than air Although His absence is not so immediately felt More valuable than treasure Although treasure hunters ignore Him More a friend than my best friend since 4th grade
My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Than
The LORD has set us free; the KING of Kings has broken every chain. Our GOD is breathing life into us; IMMANUEL is making dry bones live again. The TRUTH has given us a new name;
To learn or not to learn To yearn or not to yearn To see or not to see What He could truly do for me Stranded on a lone island All there is, a never-ending silent To think that I am all alone
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
Safe Zone, Safe Zone shattered into pieces. Running towards something, anything to believe in. Hope slowly decaing, leaving me bare with darkeness. Help, I need someone
I’m tempted to say oxygen Were most critical to my survival, Like a smart-alec, But it only keeps Me alive, Continuing a process His Breath Began.   I might claim that
I’m tired. Worn down. Reality is heavy. Day in, day out, responsibility takes its toll. Before I’m even awake, I dread the day to come. If only I could escape! Find solace and respite.  
Beloved architect Lifter of sorrows I cling to you as darkness falls over me Visionless unrest arises as fear echoes vehemently But you are not shaken My heart beats fiercely and my body fails me
I’m caught in an internal whirlwind, no escape in sight. Despair and doubt’s heavy blows bruise my skin, sharp knife stabs of panic and fear cut deep. Reality and my mind’s deceptions blur.
Even God has chains. He is bound to do what is right based on his own written words. Yet you defie those words, using his holy words for your own pursuit. 
My eyes open, If I was truly alone,   All I would need is God. If I must walk by myself, Up and down the paths of forever,
When a rough day has passed,filled with tears brought on by the persecution of my peers,I look towards the sky and see,that despite the storm, the sun fights to shine brightly.When the memory of my dear brothers last days cloud my mind,my heart sh
My life is complex, filled with tragedy Two years had gone by and I was still in agony  My world was shattered Broken and battered I had no hope  How does a 17 year old cope? God was my light 
I awake, and the dreams or terrors of the night leave me. You are there to greet me each morning, to assure me of my safety As Your peace fills me. Just as You provide for the animals that live outside the walls of my home
  Here I am AGAIN Not a shoulder I'd rather cry Nor a friend I'd rather go to  God's the only one who can help me He's the only one who knows what I go through  the only one who understands
o lord our lord, how excellent thy name in all the earth!        psalm viii   the linen-draped priests can spend all Sunday summoning up this stained-glass earth-shaker,
I am weary. I am tired and I need to rest. Lay me down by the river stream and do not weep. I am only going home. I am going to rest. I am going to have peace. Now child don't you weep for me.
In childhood, I was cut off from my family.Unable to speak in and on their terms,I reached for the tongue long lost to me.
Him The waves crash The gulls cry The sun is setting The moon is rising  
Desolated Alone I face the pale murky water The greenish blue reflects back at me I am scared And alone I cling to small promises in my hands Only hoping A mere flame
My cousin says I'm wrong,My sister says I'm living a lie. But each day I still take a secondTo smile at the sky.  
all around me all i hear organized sound in my ear analogous to his love hope within me peace thereof  
God I need you, can I take your hand? You're patience and mercy are something so grand. The things you give me I do not deserve. But still you're grace I continue to observe. You are my rock to which I cling.
When we thought we were blest, HE sent us tests. When we couldn't stay close, HE arose. When we were slaves, HE came to save. We tried to survie,
Help!!!, Help!!! Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head
Jesus He's not a secret to hide  Some will shame me for following him Even some who will read this poem I will shout out my faith  Not quietly but boldly  I will not let others influence my decision 
Only on this island here I stand Not in sight another woman or another man I feel alone though I know I am not Thoughts running through my mind When will I eat again? Drink or bathe?
If I was stranded on a island  The one thing I simply couldn't live without is My family God, friends, and my girlfriend are all considered my family I can't bear the fact that people around the world are;
hundreds of souls gather round the Flame their faces away to hide shade from shame yet one soul searches desperately in hope, to find one soul's heart not in evil soaked.  
an angel came down to give me a kiss tonight, a beautiful saint blessed my heart, and God helped me up. now I know that's all I need, no longer waiting, happy with what I got.
      take it step by step                           I say when I feel like I need to run        take it breath by breath                           I say when I feel I took my last one        take it hit by hit 
The mountains bow down to You. Oceans cry out for Your glory. You have created us and set us above angels.   
I've thought about this question plenty, too plenty to recountI could shame the number of ripples in the water surrounding theisland in which im stranded, with how many times I've rejected You.
A midnight sky that dwells within is one without a moon or stars, It knows no light. So my dear don't dream of dark nights for it is only street lights that make the night more beautiful than daylight.
God you got my soul. When I drowned and fell through water that shattered. All the broken peices that fell off of me. Like a puzzle peice. Instantly binded. You glued all the peices back inside of me.
A friend once asked me,  "If you were standing in the presence of God, but behind one door was your dream life,  which would you choose? I hesitated and contemplated, but this one question I should have knew.
I sit here all alone— In my room— Such a mess. I’m starting to remember all I have to do. I’m starting to think about all that I could’ve done. I’m beginning to fall in that hole I know so well.
God of mercy, sweet love of mine, your love is like a radiant diamond. Such love I cannot contain, like a blazing wild fire. On the cross you shed your blood for a sinner like me. I cannot live without you.
The days of my life is surely like the speed of light. Making the decision of poor preparation is never really that bright. I asked the Lord God in heaven for forgiveness everyday. I feel my sins worry me and my afterlife, O Lord mercy I pray.
He touched my hand and it felt like fire- Burning, hot, sweet desire, He meant the world.   He meant the world when he said he
Christmas  Oh what a time of celebration, When everyone you love come together with much cheer and joy. Proceeding closer and closer to a new year. 
You Gave Me Affection In the year 2012, I came to know Your name. Your love, Your salvation and inner flame. You gave me hope And friends who showed me kindness.
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
I sit and ponder to the melody of muse, Doth time control all, or am I misguided? For if any soul be more than a mindless misuse, and while passion’s crucial catalyst remains undecided,
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
One thing I absolutely cannot go without is God.  He is my Alpha and Omega my beginning and the end he, is with me through thick and thin he forgives me of all of my sins.  I love God and I need him I can't possibly get through life without him.
Just listening to the rain Reminds me of all the pain The thunder rolls like your lies Why do I find that a surprise
One thing I absolutely need, Is he who leads. My father leads many, And without him many would be lost. What is great is that we can talk to him at no cost. Without him our hearts would no longer be full,
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
Man cannot live without oxygen, Nor can fish without its water; And if No parent is present, Can there be a son or daughter?   The moon, the sun, the stars and sky-- Are Fathered by a Maker:
Darkness...that is what I see. Silence...that is what I hear. Emptiness...that is what I feel. All around me, there is nothing: no light, no sound, no objects. I am alone, with nothing, except...
I’m going to tell you something, a story of when I was just an adolescent Not quite a child, nor a man, but the desire to be one was present In my soul, I was thirsting, wanting to be accepted
                                        look to the sky                               or look to the ground                                        get up and fight                                or just lay back down 
(Breath in Breath out). My sanity has reached its brink I take this time to sit here and think Deep thoughts Maybe even weak thoughts
I had thoughts on the bus today. That maybe slitting my throat. Or even my wrists, Would be an easy way out. I imagined the cold blade against my skin, The warm blood trickling out. Instead,
I have been broken and I have broken other people. I have left scars on myself  and scars on others. I have felt everything at once and nothing at all. I have wished to enjoy a moment forever
I believe in the Father  The Holy One that is  I never seemed to bother  With expressing all of this  Though if there was one thing  That which I couldn't live without  It would be the One we praise
Easter  Tattoo your pain on me With your tears as erasers
Tell me, where is my mic?   When my throat isn't closed-tight
All I’d need Would be God With His wonders he’d keep me alive Because He parted the red sea when his people were being attacked Made it rain fresh bread from an empty sky
  Bittersweet© by Dee  
The King of Shadows Was broken in battle When a man stepped up and got nailed to a cross but He was not lost no, even Death He fought  not for Himself but for us even our soul had been marked
Many misty mornings I CAST into the deep sea my net,   Thinking...perhaps, that ALL my efforts might pay my debt.
shake off this feeling  it's just a phase but my heart takes a beating  when I catch your gaze  the time that he's stealing  my sould it does raze but since I know your feelings 
The Love that fought the Dragon. Was so strong, so bold, so free, The Dragon couldn't win this one, So he was forced to leave. The love that fought the Dragon. was so strong, so bold, so free,
Black sand, burning my feet On this island of pestilence I stand Each step, a searing heat But only my heart will it brand.   Around me, I am surrounded by dead foliate
Two things I can't deal with A broken heart and a new addiction The man I loved abused my trust And at the moment I got zannies in my system I'm just a young female trying to make it  In a world where if we don't got it we're going to take it  The
A cloud so unreliableto provide such decent shadethough many stop to watch themthey're perfect, they're God made..They're made of wispy waterso white up in the skycollections of lovely ice
guardian angel
In the finite plane of a lifetime; Catching dreams and atoms in a jar A unique rainbow ship to learn to steer Through tossing waves of pathways near and far The masquerade of time my biggest fear  
  When the ships starts to tremble amid the threatening waves of the ocean As the sky turns into giant puffs of blackness Hold on Hold on tight
We were best friends till the end, but the end was too soon. He said it would be okay, but that was a lie he couldn't control. I remember it like it was yesterday, to be six years ago.
All I need is my Bible, my faith in Godpursuing through my blood and enveloping loveFrom the man who taught me to hate, and stole my loveMy teacher, my abuser, stole my heart away.
Faith, its the only thing I need To stay safe and sane Knowing God is with me calms me Through storms & rain I know he's the only one The only one who won't leave Leave me stranded or wondering 
If I continue in wickedness, I’ll blow away: ChaffWhat a gaff am I might as well stop and laugh and realizeAll I need is your rod and staff to comfort me.But don’t let me fall into complacency.
All I need is love Love is the source to how we are as people. Love is unpredictable Love is kind. All Love knows how to do is Love.  If it wasn't for Love We simply wouldn't be here because
**I had to seriously sit down and write what I felt, I'm sorry . I love going back to my emotions maybe I'll feel the same way before and read this. Maybe I'll smile and maybe I'll cry but I know I needed this outlet**
LISTEN, who told you that God could not be a woman?I am almost 6 feet under my own fearsand I have no holy power to turn tothat is a reflection of me.Who shoved their generationally skewed
The man who saved me If your world is darkIf your eyes are weary and your heart heavy If you feel alone and forgotten If you feel like your mind is an enemy and it attacks you with more ferosity than a starved man whom you've stolen his last penny
Of the nails on the cross through the hands, All I need is the blood of the Lamb. Of the Light piercing the Darkness, All I need is the grace of the One True King. Of the penetrating power of his might,
To live without the love of God Is not to live at all. It is no life to be alone And alone to fall. I know I have a freind in Christ And that is all I ask.  With grace and love to help the world
I guess you could say that I have a lot of friends I've never met a stranger and My friendships have no end and I say that not to brag but to say they don't depend
The Way The Truth The Life What we say What we do How we strive To be our best When our Lord had the ultimate test The Light, He died for us The Lamb,
Am I pretty? Am I popular? Am I nice? Am I loved? Am I a joke? Am I stupid? Am I a mistake? Am I enough?
Can't sleep My brain plays on repeat- can't sleep, can't sleep The chant so loud it drowns out the lack of sound Quiet! Can't you see, I'm trying to sleep? But my own brain is playing tricks on me
Restless days have accumulated from the regression of my knees. Parasites are sinking in, remembering the days I turned away from you. This mistake devastated your heart, but God the heart is elastic.
You. I have always needed you. I needed you when I was a small girl, You chased away the darkness, The nightterrors that stalked my dreams ran when you shed your light. I needed you when they came up to me,
When I cannot sleep at night and nothing feels right, I look to you. When you guide me on my way and protect me as I lay, I will thank you
Like a drug it takes you overAnd it never let's you goYou try n' get away from it, but it never gives you up  
Like a child, I will believe every word you say no matter how ridiculous it may sound.  And every time someone tries to convince me otherwise I will interupt them with "but my Daddy said..."
There’s a question I want to ask. It’s a small question, and it’s certainly not important. It’s petty, irrelevant.
Have Faith Faith we cannot live without A life without it, Is it a life at all? No The idea of believing that crumbling humanity will overcome the odds
In the midst of chaos stands a lone rock. This rock doesn't waver nor does it speak. It just sits there, before the fray and watches. Everything around the  rock, leans forward
We try to put Him in a boxWe look at all the verses in all the booksAnd try to fully describe him in one sentenceWe create images to know how he looksAnd shy away from confusing things that make us tenseWe jump to conclusions about who he isWithou
Lost in common misconceptions and perceptions From society's closed eyes Searching for direction In the darkness of deception Deciphering the lies   With my mind's eye
He is like the father I never had, The one I go to when I am sad, The one who I thank when I am filled with joy,
Be free of mind and spirit. Let God be in control. He will show you the way, to achieve your final goal.   Fighting what He tells you, just takes more time away.
His kind was not meant to dream—no, that gift Was reserved for others.  Not for him. But he did dream—horribly vivid, raw Dreams of blood and triumph and ichor.
after a dose of His word, everything else feels lesser. like plastic or weightless. it feels frail and meaningless and my interest in it lasts long enough for me to pick it up then toss it down.
In this life, people tend to cling to material things for comfort, such as a childhood blanket or neckless, a good novel about a fellow traveler, or an expensive garment. As for myself, all of these things are important to me, but,
Jesus, He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings,Jesus, He is the Son of God and God's Word is the truth of all things,Jesus, He is God
"The girl that on one sees A season she can't control  Pent up emotion she cannot free This time it's taking it's toll Down on bended knee Not freely these tears roll The breaking burning plea
"Thought she was alone And still she prayed Her hurt reached further than her bones And still she stayed   Her mind can't handle control Instead she gave Through Him her love would reach a world 
"Find yourself         Your not from here  Your fatal flaw                Your fatal fear  Find you friend             Keep them near  Into the depths  Over the edge you peer 
"I call out  Is no one there? The imagination  Of the atmosphere  I called out  My memories stare  The past and present  Of ones held dear Icalled out But not in fear
"Ok did that word escape my lips again  Afaid When did I start with just pretend Relief Is there none here now for me? Believe  I'm strong enough with Him Courage
The billowing wind, the scent of the sea The crash of the waves, the sound of silence And me.   The darkness falls, yet stars gleam bright As seraphs-in shadows-stand guard,
"Called upun this story  But was it fear or fate? Not in it for the glory Don't want to feel their hate But my life is not so boring  As for me? I'm no saint Though now I know who the Lord is
We were poles apartDestined to come togetherIn the name of God,Love and friendshipWe took the leap of faithSometimes our paths were darkSometimes they were brightWe were co
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"The soldier  Wounded in the fight The lawyer Finding out whats right The paster Showing others light The family Holding on so tight The author Giving courage when he writes
" Contradicting  Try predicting  Always working Know your earning  But never learning All are hurting But the tables are turning Some are yearning For the fire burning 
"Falling up No longer stuck It's more than luck I know because You lift me up When life was tough You showed me love More than enough From heaven above It's you i'm proud of
"When the city falls asleep Your promise you do keep To guide our silent footsteps  Give us limits to test Till our bodies are put to rest Set down in a grave Silently we lay
"A fall from heights A stray dog bite's A single light A slave girl's right's  None of these matter  If there's no happy ever after But these thing we are And these things we were 
"The last stand was made here Where life drained the hills The last stand was made here Where many were killed The last stand was the last Though he did not stand  He was hung on a cross
"Take me to the river  Where i feel free Take me to the river So forever I can see Take me to the river  Where tides wash thee clean Take me to the river Where alone I can be
Wish for too much end up with nothing  Instead pray because God is that something when nothing comes  You might not get what you want but you get what you need He is always listening, when you bleed He bleeds 
Waves: crash,Sand: coarse, grainy, irritable,Waves: crash, break,Shells: sharp, jagged, painful,Waves: crash, break, awaken,Sun: hot, blinding, powerful,Waves: crash, no more,
I strive to be the tree Who stays rooted with gentle strength I strive to be the wind Formless and ever present I strive to be water Able to become any situation I strive to be the bird
"Love of my life Why do you hold a knife? Don't you know the love? And hope from up above The demons you are now free of The demands that you must give up But you afriad that you might,
The sky turning bright Pushing the darkness away Laying bare god's light
Yesterday is gone Today is almost over Tomorrow is not promised Tell those you love How you feel Don't be afraid to take a chance Do something different Confess your feelings To someone
"He prayed She layed, There awake too tired to sleep He forgave She hates Too hurt,but too scared to leave Tears cried Head shakes I am yours my heart to keep Can't tell
I can live without food, for he nourishes me. I need not any money, for to him I do not owe. I shan’t require a majestic domain, for one already awaits.
"A battle within a battle  A heart within a heart I'd be lost without you I don't know where to start But as I look away My anger turns to shame To yell would not be right 
A woman Tall, intelligent, and free Not only took care of herself But took care of me    Eighteen kids And a legacy left behind    
 OH My Lord my Lord don’t cry My brothers and sisters do not know any better My Lord of Lords sheds tears, cascading down unto earth.   My Lord, your tears are like the oil that fills my cup of truth
Innocent to the earth Blemished before the judge Blameless since birth Isolated to the grudge   Two value systems Perceive and Review Man's disease and symptoms Whether true or askew
See the thing about God is... People You, me, he, she, I, they, we... People love to forget their own purpose. Love to live in the bliss or ignorance,
You don't know my story, you just know my name. So dont even try to play me, you can't even phase. sway me, dont even try to shake me.
Just another kid right? I just don’t understand what adolescence has to do with intelligence, because I’m talking to adult minds and I can’t believe there level of negligence.
The day is cold,The sun's grown old.The sky is grey,I can't tell between the tears of the sky and the tears of my face.Yet,  I will mumble under my breath,Hallelujah
Soldier of Christ   I tend to see too many people going through their relationship with Christ like it's a job. Being a part-time Christian, but expecting a full time God.
Lord, I sit here in longing. Longing for a family. Longing for a guy to share in a love only You can provide us. Longing for a man who will honor me through his love for You, his passionate pursuit of Your will.
I’m breathing But am I living? Do I wake up each morning ready for the unpredictable opportunities of the day? When a new door opens, do I step through?
There is one you never tell One you never hear But that one, Is the one who tells you The one who hears you  
-Everything is god, a hard concept to grasp. -To be able to fully understand this means letting go of everything you thought you understood. -This means letting go of your preconceived knowledge on "how the world works".
Love like no other Where there is no time No place no wait No expression To describe No voice To express No sight To behold No limit To test Nobody To see
The world may be a dark sky But God you're still my bright light. You shine through the gray, like the sun shines in May.  
They say mankind will kill himself But what am I supposed to do if I’m born in a war If my life is on the line……play victim, inflame my heart with fear? When the only thing I fear is God
Sweet Holy Spirit by Christian Betancourt  
Longing for hope , begging for more rope to secure my hold , with every secret I've ever told the rope never let's go
The meaning of identity  is having a close similarity affinity  identifying oneself to another  idea. To be  or not is no the same  you see to be means
My beloved, Here we are, my lips to your ears. May the sound of truth echo a melody in your chest. I have given all I had just to reach you,
God Almighty by Christian Betancourt   How great is our God? That spoke the very Earth into existence With a simple breathe of air.
As I was descending from my declavity, with such an excessive velocity, suddenly I precipitated on a Holigorized thoroughfare.
I was four when you  first became sad. Mom says that’s why you came to live with us.   The doctors call it depression.
My skin, the cover of my soul’s pages, is soft leather binding, knitted together  by the Expert Craftsman, protecting secrets from            
Lord, my God take these words from quivering lips as worship hear my cry   take these tears from searching eyes
the stars have a rhythm when they twinkle have you noticed? if we could hear them, what would they sound like? what melody are they playing?
WHERE ARE YOU, LOVE!? Where are you oh love, That tears my heart apart, With waters of loneliness? Where are you oh love, That puts asunder, what the wind of joy tries to tye together?
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
i was the nobody in the hall, the loaner on the wall, i’ve walked in those same off brand running shoes that’s why this new poem  that i wrote right here is dedicated to you.
My anger a tsunami rushed straight to you Love into hatred as I scream and cry up to the sky you tore away a piece of me as I begged you to let me go too
Thank you, Jehovah for giving me such a wonderful mother.Out of all of the women you could've given me for a mom, I'm glad that you didn't choose any other.You gave me such a terrific mother, she was so special and unique.
Some people think that Jehovah God isn't real because he's invisible.They assume that he's not real because his existence isn't physical.Air is also invisible and everybody knows that it exists.
What if the mansion which I abide mirrors me by more than just it's contents?  
You ask me why I don’t believe in god, I have seen god and that is reason enough. 1 I have seen god in the pinhole pupils of the street junky as He gets His fix,
The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese There are different paths in life; yet life is like a maze. You make lefts, you make rights ... but are you making decisions that are winning.
Bless me father, for I have sinned. My last confession was two years ago.  
"I am" is a phrase used world wide. A term used to define who you are, but sometimes those labels are taken too far. In a world full of titles- defining your destiny, I choose not to submit or be lead astray.
I've started saying Grace, I thank Jehovah for my food.I didn't do that in the past but I've changed my attitude.Jehovah didn't have to give us taste buds but he wanted eating to be a pleasant experience.
We had some visitors that came from outer space.Those aliens came here to enslave the Human Race.I met the leader and he demanded that I bow down before him.
Humans naturally fear the darkBut welcome light,A bright spark,A flameHowever, light often leads to painFor it illuminates our wrongsAnd we are visible and transparentAll our sins apparent
I'm thankful because Jehovah God is the most important part of my life.I'm thankful to have two new friends, Jason Laster and Stephanie, his wife.I'm also thankful to have my other friends and my brother.
The almighty Jehovah is my Master, he is the one who I serve.He has my love and obedience and that is what he deserves.If loving God is wrong, I don't want to be right.He is my best friend, I praise him day and night.
When Jesus resurrects us in the future, we will live in paradise.There will be no sickness and no deaths, it will be very nice.Everybody will be best friends, we will all get along.
I never thought I'd slip this hard.  
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
There was something about this smile, that I once always wore. This feeling of happiness, that I no longer store. I remember when I lost it, when my world faded to greywhen the bubbly playful girl
Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because they angered the Lord.Jehovah blocked the entrance to the Garden of Eden with Angels and a flaming sword.
We die because Adam and Eve sinned.That is why our lives come to an end.Sin is what makes people grow old and frail.Sadly, we die because Adam and Eve failed.
The Bible is the greatest possession that we can own.If you live by Jehovah's rules, you'll never be alone.Owning a Bible is far greater than owning a Ferrari.Buy yourself or a friend a Bible, you won't be sorry.
I'll do anything you want, I'll obey your every command.I'll cross countries if you wish, I will go to any land.I want to be your humble servant, that is true.I love you deeply and I'll do anything for you.
You're moving in with your girlfriend and many people have congratulated you.You've asked me to do the same but that is something I can't and won't do.
Jehovah God becomes angry when people lie.It isn't always easy to tell the truth but we must try.I've lied to people in the past, sadly that's true.But in the future that's something I'll try not to do.
Jehovah God likes it when we thank one another.It brings him a lot of joy when we thank others.When somebody does something kind for us, we should say thank you.
Love can last however long you want it to last. With God's help you can love unconditionally.You can love even when it hurts you the most. Yes, it hurts sometimes, but through those moments you figure out who you are and why you want to be that.
Jesus was known as the Great Teacher.Performing miracles was his best feature.He taught us how to enter God's kingdom and live in paradise.If we love Jehovah God and live by his rules, that will suffice.
Jehovah and Jesus Christ are father and son.I'm in awe because of the miracles they've done.It was a sad and tragic day when Christ was nailed to the cross and took his final breath.
Once upon a time there was this little girl that was brought into this world   She was like no other One of a kind   Had eyes so innocent
God answer us when we are in distress   may You protect us send us help and support   to make our plans a success make us shout in joy   make us victorious
He can never be predicted He even brings the mighty king's down from their Thrones   He is never impressed by their Titles the king's get or for the Status these earthly king’s hold.  
Part I   A sudden whirlwind And a voice so said   Who, dark counsels By words without knowledge?   Now questions are To be answered!   Where were you?
Is what I want what I need? Will you fill the void? They say more than him is greed But I want a voice Does that make me faithless? Am I too immature? It’s what I address But nothing is sure
To get closer to God, we must attend Church and pray.And there are Ten Commandments everybody must obey.We must live the way that Jehovah wants us to live.When we are wronged by people, we must forgive.
Amazing Awesome Adonai Author of my life Author of Eternal Salvation And one with Jesus Christ   Creator and consuming fire Spirit of love and peace Who does not faint and does not tire
I feel as if one- by - one bits and pieces of me are being pulled from my heart very carefully. Long strands, removed by the Adversary I don't have enough faith to endure.  
What am I if I think of this? What is this thought of mine? What was the seed that from this grew This budding vine of life?   Whose great hand that from we grew? Whose great lips that give us breath?
I fear that I am a mistake a mistake of God.. and one day He'll realize it, then I'll disappear. No one will notice, no one will care, some may even be relieved..
Each new day, Something new happens, Things are given, Things are taken, New experiences are made, Granted by God each day
A christmas wish
I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless told God that I hope this life don't last forever why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
i used to think that god listened to me when i prayed at night,my knees stained with remorse as i kneeled by my bedside desperately pleading to be absolved of my human
Why do you push aside God 
                                             When I became a Man
i am a puppet, that longs to be free all of these strings, pulling on me. je suis une marionnette , avec des rêves de ma propre pourquoi ne pas ces gens me laisser seul ? i am a puppet, with too many masters
Some people think that Jehovah doesn't love them but that's not true.He loves each and every one of us and that includes you.God loves us so much that he knows how many hairs are on our heads.
Picture the summer of 2014. Driving on the freeway. Walking along the beach. Blasting music with the windows down.   Is this going to be a typical California summer? Not in the slightest.  
Poets went from wrting poems to dirges. Bombs too loud to be seen but refusing to be unheard. I laugh. A solemn thought of peace is too absurd.
God is our hero and I love him.He's our only hope in a world that is so grim.We need God now more than we ever have before.God can save us, he's someone we must not ignore.
Rise   What is it like to stand alone? Isolated, deserted?
There was a couple who lived for each other but he considered himself an outcast, a no one. Two hearts that were one, just like two burning stars. Her creator created a star for every day their true loved burned.
       How do I let go of my past with him? After all,         He damaged my heart, my mind, my soul...  
Tears stream down my faceIt's just me and you in this lonely placeYou are so stiff and so coldMy baby, its the last time you'll be in my holdMy darling, I dread to say, "I'm sorry you cannot stay.
Power and shame, blood and Death Pumping heart, lungs gasping for breath Pray, should I do it? Oh, no. Never! Nay! Please, God help me with this dragon I ever long to slay  
Praise Jehovah, I'll praise him all the way.I will praise him for the rest of my days.I will praise him until I die and in Heaven as well.When it comes to my devotion to God, I will never bail.
I have three ropes Holding me down About to go in A lake & drown   At the end of these ropes Are three red bricks If I were to cut a rope
Gravity so strong No one can stand Yet all breath in What's not in His hands   He draws me close He pulls and tugs My heart beats fast
Because you said i was beutiful i began to redifined myself, God began to work. You loved my inperfections, my weaknesses, my hurt. You loved my scars from the inside out so I let you make love me emotionally and physically.
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
As women and girls of our world today
I wonder everyday what words to use to make you listen to what I have to say  And if these words are the right ones to make your understand  I wonder everyday if my words even make you care
The sun, the moon, the stars and the sky; such beautiful creation, only a master can have such imagination.
Revival Lord, I need a revival
who am I? I am a surviver because I have seen the gates of hell open up before me to hold me and keep me near the needle in my arm was just a temporry fix of how I felt
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space, which has been allotted.
I may feel alone but there's always someone with me I may feel unloved but I know someone loves me unconditionally 
To get on God's good side, we must pray again and again.We must pray and ask Jehovah to wash away our sinsWe must treat everybody like a sister or a brother.We must show Jehovah that we love one another.
Lord can you see me, Lord can you hear me
Three days Two feet One God Whole world
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound
Love isn’t a rose
With every choice I make With every step I take Every yes or no Every stop and every go A battle takes place Not one with swords and knives
Some people plan to praise the Lord when they go to Heaven but they should praise him now.Jehovah deserves our praise and gratitude and if he were in front of me, I would bow.
Lord I'm coming home I've wandered far away from you The paths of sin too long I've trod I've wasted many precious years I now repent with bitter tears I'm tired of sin and straying lord
Jehovah is wonderful and he deserves everybodys trust.But we're not essential to his existence, he doesn't need us.He doesn't need us but he does want us because he's full of love.
God created all life on Earth and that's the defintion of science.God is there for us and we can always count on him for reliance.When I tell you that God is a scientist, I'm not trying to deceive.
Sons So Distant
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
I love Jehovah and I'll love him for all of my days.How much do I love him, let me count the ways.1. I love him because he cares.2. I love him because he's fair.3. I love him because he's noble and just.
 "More, more" they say, "More, more." These voices won't stop. This emptiness won't be filled enough. "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more."  More of what? More friends. More money.
I walk beneath,
So hard to wait
The beginning of a story is always slow. But soon enough everything becomes routine and you forget how that lull felt. You forget how it felt to be innocent and unaltered by the world.
Jehovah created the land and the seas.He loves everybody, including you and me.Jehovah's love for us has no bounds.He's a friend who is always around.In a world that has been consumed by violence and greed,
In a time that seems not that long ago, I wandered in the darkness. Life had finally came over me like a blanket of stress and pain, causing my very being to grow angry and hateful towards the world.
Satan told God that Job wouldn't praise him if his life wasn't so good.But Job proved the Devil wrong and it's not surprising that he could.God allowed Satan to take Job's children and wealth.
God is his title but Jehovah is his name.When his son returns, people will no longer be sick and the animals will be tame.Jehovah doesn't demand our respect but he does deserve it.
Church is where I was on Sundays 
If I were a duckling, the church was my mother. I folllowed and obeyed to please one another. I knew not why I'd bother to question, Why I'd always head my elders instruction.
You're okay Don't be scared They don't hate you Don't say that It was a mistake Don't hide your face Yes, they're going to talk Don't cry I know it's hard, but you have me
LIght Shines  Illuminating Dark Places once useen Beauty is now revealed in the Lord's  Creation
Anger swells within me
You said
In so little
I wish I could see the person
Surrounded by Lies 
I feel so alone
Though the Darkness surrounds
Gracefully I dance
God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
Everyday I wonder who I am People try and tell me, but it just feels like a scam And some days I think I’m at the top of the world And I start to see God’s plan unfurl
Awesome are the things Made with Love Creator God Has given to us.   The sky, the stars, and Caresses from the bright moon Are just a small piece.    
It’s too small of a planet To say Earth is everything, To say the stars are there for beauty And the moon is there for peace.   It’s too great of a world To say God is false,
"Listen," they say, "for his graceful whisper. 'I love you,' He says." "Wait," they say, "for his healing touch. 'I'l heal you,' He says." "Look," they say, "for his understanding guidance. 'I will lead you,' He says."
Sometimes they won't understand, You'll try to tell them but it's no use.
Breaking silence, her voice, quiet hope to create
A killer of beasts Thats what I am. A soldier of God. He has chosen me to destroy the Evil.   All of the weak; a suffering man. the devil persists, but I am to protect 
In sunshine or rainIn pleasure or pain   In trial or triumphYou are my Godand You are enough.   You make the day,and end the night,Thank you Lordfor my religious rite.  
The Devil is trying to knock me down The Devil is intimidated by my mental But God says I’m the talk of the town There is something about me that’s elemental
I know I might get bashed for believing in my religion but honestly I don't care. I have a voice and I'm gonna use it. I've been through alot and surprisingly I'm stillmstanding but I wouldn't be without god and my family standing beside me.
Here I am happy and healthy as I should be  Thanking you for each and everyday  But back then I was lost  Too lost to find my way home  Struggling to stay strong   My whole world collapsed
We are the runners. 
I'm Abraham and God ordered me to kill my son.I didn't want to do it but I had to do what God ordered to be done.I was about to stab Isaac but God said to spare him, he didn't really want him dead.
Up before dawn, with curtains still drawn
christ chose to lift her at this time, "To die is better than to live," is written in the Book of Life.
God will never forsake people but many have forsaken him.We need God now more than ever because things are so grim.Many have chosen to forsake God and live such sinful ways.
I don't need to be baptized to be able to love and serve the Lord.I love our creator and I know that one day Heaven will be my reward.Being baptized is a good thing but to get into Heaven, I don't think it's required.
Through grace i was found Freed from my sinful bound Made a new creature in His eyes I bid sin grateful goodbyes
Dear God, As you end this day tonight, Please give me time to reflect, my light.  Let me fix on my blessing and delights. Thank you for them, my ever shining knight.  
When I think of you, tears fill my eyes I often wonder why me, that you have entrusted so many gifts within  I'm sometimes so afraid to express these gifts But why? When you loved me so to give them to me
The Egyptians made a golden calf and worshipped it.When the Lord learned what they did, he had a fit.They stabbed God in the back even though he saved them from being slaves.
Blue skies, a sunrise, a new day has started. Take a walk, see everything you love, then you say you heart it. This shows your love; your love and appreciation.
Do You Wonder Where the Stars Go
I tried to end what life he gave, I treid to end what I thought was sin. Daily I thought "How can I win" Within this horrible life of sin?  What should I do with something so heavy?
I do not believe in true love.
With ease I walk         in the confidence of my Lord. His peace I stalk,         for alone I cannot afford. I see His beauty         in all of His creations. As Christians it's our duty
love you God, you make me strong. God is my bedrock under my feet, the castle in which i live, he makes me rest in the night. My God to whom i run for my dear life from a hostile world, hiding behind thy borders where i am saved
Some may wonder about God's love for you But his devotion will never waiver Hear his book of messages and pursue And know his son will remain our savior He was with you at your darkest moment
Knock Knock Who's There? Not me Was it you? Knock Knock There it is again.  Is it something more? A being greater than you and me? A god? Or a deity?
This Isn't Supposed To Make Sense. 
Everything is awesome when it comes to living life But not everything is awesome when it comes to life Everyday life is faced with problems and circumstances So let me speak my mind in just a couple of stanzas
drink deep; breathe   peace, hidden, in chaos.   bliss, in terror   there is no limitation, anywhere, that is not self imposed  
Everything is awesome.You just gotta find'emBut have you ever gave it a try?
Smoking Cigs while listening to post-punk. What a way to die. Sipping poisonous punch, staring at neon stars, observing couples symblozing the synths Did I accept or reject the lie Honeslty I am not sure
I am a daughter of God, but in no way am I perfect   I am not a perfect daughter nor will I be a perfect bride.   I’m afraid to admit that the reflection I see might not even really be me.
The more you live to love and give, the better off you'll beInstead of living more to take and "What's in it for me."Though looking out for number one may guarantee survival
Diseases are taking overAnd sicknesses have prevailedIn this chemical world of oursMan playing God has failed.And it's not just the pills we takeBut the chemicals in our stuff
        Why is life so complicated        with people playing hearts        for diamonds and digging        gold with spades willing to        club others for their gain?
I’m just so tired of all this ad nebulosityBeing lectured on engine wear and motor oil viscosityBeing told I need drugs for emotional well-beingBecause I’m so stressed with all the violence I’m seeing
I saunter throughthe vibrant copseto absorbI becomeverdantI ama treeplantedby the rivers ofliving waters. .
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
Shadder my innocence, Erase my love song The secret is written black and blue. How did so right turn out to be so wrong? This is the story of me and you.   Only these walls
I'm all alone in this room, Sitting here in my stone doom. I'm all alone in this land. I'm not part of God's plan.   No more, I can't. Tears pour, I can.
the moon's like God's flashlight for the lost in the night sky; like God's spotlight to let you know he sees you and that you're a super star in your own right with your own light; like Heaven's porch light to let you know
The best thing that money is good for is that it tells us that God is who we should trust.In the Garden of Eden, God gave life to Adam after creating him from dust.
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
God is with me every day, he's with me everywhere I go.If people wonder if he will abandon me, the answer is no.God is with me when I'm at my house, at the lake and even at Walmart.Everywhere I go, I carry God in my heart.
Some people believe in Darwin's theory but I don't.These people want me to believe Darwin but I won't.I can't believe in Darwin's theory because it goes against what the Bible teaches us.
He was a man of God but that thug didn't care in the least.That animal walked into a Parish and murdered the Priest.When he was arrested, he said that he killed the Priest because he hated God.
Lord sometimes I feel like I'm losing it allAnd my heart is worn and bat
You've brought me back from the point of death, Into your arms of light. I need you more than I can confess,
Helping hands touched my heart to an extent. They saw and felt my pain, my distress and wanted to help.
For I am not alone He is always with me. This world is harsh Filling with evil For He is our protector Our helper, Our teacher, For He is the One That saved me from myself,
Here I am
A man broke into my house and killed my entire family.Because of his corrupt lawyer, he was found not guilty.He killed another family and was found not guilty a second time.
Guarded by scales   
To worship you, God I live to worship you In spirit and in truth I live to lift you high In love and adoration I live to love you fully Convinced of your love for me Eternally encompassed
Decide Take your time Life’s too short To waste on lies Tell the truth But only if it’s right Right and wrong You decide I’m sick and tired Of hearing that line
"X" Reads
Have you heard The word Of God above About the simple things called love!
One day, a while ago, the sun was shining a bit too bright for my eyes, and for fear of not being able to see and to protect my face, I put sunglasses on. And well, you see, I am still wearing them.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel. My friends call me Gabe. And my father, well he hardly calls me at all. How's that for subtle? Please don't feel sorry for me.
Let your mercy lead
Each page is a date The front is birth and the back is death the binding, no matter how thick or thin, It is a book Hieghtened anxiety before the cover and praying for answers after.
We men have painted in blood a small, disproportionate portrait of our God.   Predestination of life and damnation, One trail but two gates for the will-less cattle, and Segregation by herds
  A person’s value?
People always wonder why the greatest & most loved people leave us. We are all flowers in a beautiful a garden. Some of us more beautiful than others, whether it be because of our actions, or simply our hearts of gold.
Birth, Lunacy, Death
The Lord is my Sheperd, that means I'm the sheep, i have nowhere to go unless my Lord speaks, My Lord is my Provider, If He provides, I eat,
Where I draw my strength,
I really just want to speak a little of what's on my heart, Im
Wonderfully made,
Lord, God, Redeemer,
You are the Most High You take and you give.
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
I Am Not What You Create I Am Not What You Make Out Of Me I Am Not Your Sinful Hate
When I close my eyes,
  In transition, that’s where I am,
  Hope, don’t mope,
I’m empty,
  Divorce, It’s a scary thing,
I’m a raging inferno, a ball of fire,
Enslaved by thought so I carry the tale with worn feet, My kind was contained to cultivate something sweet. Sugar cane working, Rays from the sun start to sting- My ancestors with worn feet wished for fresh wings.
I used to be a fan of bliss Used to be a daily habit smoking on that cannibus I used to be a fan of it I blew it so heavly I used to just fan the piff Mary Jane and I used to fly, I was her man to kiss
What if i told you there is hope? What if I told you there is an end? Would you believe me?
I begged Begged for him to start life over "It's moving too fast" He only apologized "But I will slow it down for a bit"
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
With an abundance of sighs 
His Righteous Flask  
I remember it like it was yesterday- The dripping of rain upon my window, the sound of the wind blowing across the city- It's hard to tell you the whole truth though because I'm still trying to figure that out myself-
When youre all alone and you think no one is around. When you think no one else see's what youre doing. Look up to the sky, forgot about him, did you? God knows all and see's all.
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
they looking at me like he never gonna make it gave me a barrier I'm destined to break it I'll take it give me the good with the bad i had worse they say he not all the way there well at first
Everything that is, is god.
The reflection oppressed upon me cannot comprehend what’s beneath my faltered skin and battered complexion or amount to my heart that beats passionately for music and the lines of my poetry.
The unknown strikes no fear within me The power found only in You flows through my spirit, Like blood in veins   Abba, gaze upon me Abba, You are light Illuminating the darkest crevices of my path
He says... "In the quiet  I am loud In the dark I am light In the chaos I am order In times of lost I am the compass needle that points north
These people be looking at me like I'm crazy Like the shit I been doing ain't the right shit maybe Maybe I'm loosing my mind I haven't been feeling right lately Like all these demons inside been tryna step out on me
My life is my canvas Everyday a new struggle Everyday a new scar  
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
The power of loving you is strong It can move mountains  I may not have said it to you yet but  I love you  Three simple words that mean the world 
Across the years in the sea I wanted to see me under a tree   For my heart is long lost in the sky I am going to begin to cry   My love is long lost For he fell upon a cross  
17 years young still don’t know who I am 17 years young I still don’t understand Without the music, the pictures, the friends I still try hard to make a trend I just got to comprehend
Entombed inside me is something that is beyond this state of the world, beyond all the reality TV show drama, the sex scandals, the murder-suicides, what a Hollywood starlet wore this week, who got shot and blown up yesterday;
I prayed for the patience to wait for you and finally here you stand
  Go on to be with the LordTo be in His holy presence forever moreWelcome homeYou good and faithful servant.  
Excuse me, But i'm just tryna get your attention from this world of mixed dimensions And worthless misconceptions engulfing the perceptions that I am not beautiful   You see,
Looking in the mirror, my skin leaves a message. It provides internal and external feelings, about my life, what it has offered and what is to come.  Living for fifteen years, has shown me a part of who I am.
Gone is the color in their eyes. Because of the choice of one person, On the ground, they all fell down   The cries for justice, When these three went, They all die down.  
I woke up like this… You woke up like this… Who woke up like this? Flawless.   Saying we look so good tonight, But how will we feel tomorrow? Guilt, Shame, Nausea?
Sometimes the cloud makes it hard to think There are thoughts rushing through my mind People telling me who I should be What I should wear  How I should look   I think I'm not good enough
With my words as my paint
I'm either all in  or all out.  A lot of people are wondering, is there a God? Yes, there is. I've seen him do miracles in my life and in those around me.  I'm here to say, actually strive to show, 
I am so flawless Because God made me this way Give me scholarship 
The words hit deep,  as they penetrate into the complex ignorance lingering within  I cannot clear my mind  See transluecence equivalences admittance,
Surrounded by adversity; expected to fall and fail. The middle child over looked, Invisible to one and all. I try to find my place I try to find my skills; instead I drown in obscurity,
People ask what is love?
As a girl, im supposed to play with barbies, not with hot wheels or a toy truck. as a girl, im supposed to have dolls, and pick flowers, for "he loves me" luck. As a chick, im supposed to wear dresses, skirts, and make up too.
Love finally found me, alone in my room, despair had eclipsed this old heart like the moon, covering the Sun and blinding my eyes, I called out to God and He heard my cries, I still feel the pangs of being alone, left here to suffer my mind is st
They say it doesn't matter. That they can fix things With some pills, or a rope And everything will be okay. “Why keep going?” they say. “Nothing that I do matters.” “Nothing can help me.”
I'm human I am loved I am flawless and I don't apologize. You're human You are loved You are flawless and should never apologize We are humans We are loved and We love 
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
She walks in her room picks up her razor, grabs the pills she sits down on her bed, and she cries "Why? Why me!" she screams Everyone sighs Some may even roll their eyes
  I am ….. Broken. By the strong reigns that peer pressure pulls towards me. Constantly fighting the battle of not being lonely No real father in my life honestly it’s not by choice
The voices in my head Laughs and stalks Mocking their way to my heart   My heart has a door The key Jesus He is who opens and locks.   The voices in my head Laughed and stalked
Flawless? I wouldn't think so.
34” Bust 23” Waist Colored Eyes Smooth Skin Healthy Hair Healthy Look   Size Zero Photoshop Airbrush Barbie Victoria Secret Angels Perfection.  
Singing Bells Heaven or Hell To live or die To sin or to lie To forgive or to be forgiven How are some people afraid of liven A heart beats The new air it greets My heart pumps
I’ve been burnt, I’ve been broken, I’ve been torn at the seems But our future is the token; it’s the light at the end that beams. I’ve made mistakes; I’ll be the first to admit;
  To be respected, I must be trustworthy, To be trustworthy, I must be honest, To be honest, I must know who I am. I am a child of God, the God of truth, The God of light who sees.
We all have dreams, though most seem to never prosper We all are sinners, nothing can save this gospel The pigs we gobble, the devil we follow, the poisons we swallow, all lead to evil bethrothals
She made me realize…
He called them to the sea A boundless tempest raging Those of little faith witnessed it made still Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum Made still for the faithful to come   Without the storm
Type. Just type. My fingers dangle above the keyboard, Splashing each word, verb, sentence- That comes to mind.  The words are like snow to me: Soft, Delicate, And pure. 
Matthew 21:22 
God is the only way I wish people see that some day Because we live in such a atrocitie  Hating each other with such animosity  To not reconize him is a mockery 
Batteries don't last forever Juice oozes with every standing O Your rays and beams lit up Penetrated the humorless The light was sold with every ticket The silver screen molded into a stake
June.. June 2014! A day that changed my life. That accident was horrific.Two broken ankles and a fractured hand. Who knew that something like this would happen to me? A week after high school graduation. But GOD....
My mind holds me hostage Torturing me with the memories,
One dreary night so bleak and grim, I found myself gone in spirit. No longer was I alone in my room, but alone in the depths of a pit. I looked around this dark chamber but only the full moon and Draco would meet my eyes.
Again. It came crashing down on my windowsil. Raking, tapping, billowing. It clouded my thoughts, yet cleared them too. It reminded me of you.
I think, therefore I am But what do I think?  What am I?   What am I? I am beautiful  I am free I am the fearful and wonderful creature that God made me to be  
Perfect sunkissed moonlight hides the lines of my imper
I have a confession. There is a someone, A special someone, A someone who warms my smile,
How? How can I let my emotions Come back into play When they have destroyed me
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
This is me.
Life has its ups and downs Mistakes and lessons learn Friends and Enemies And family and strangers Life can display some of the sweetes shows Yet it can all end with a dreadful nightmare
there's something so very strangeabout having to rearrangethe thoughts inside my headin order to go to bedbecause i just want to sleepbut my brain wants one more peepand, Lord, here's my soul to keep
She isn't hopeless She isn't worthless She isn't mediocre She isn't ugly She isn't alone  She knows this.   She feels hate She feels shame She feels guilt She feels regret
A mother's love is so deep and true there is nothing she wouldn't do for you. A mother's love will always and forever try to protect you and keep you from feeling blue. A mother's love will be there for you on a drop of a dime.
A fear that cannot be tamed An evil that cannot be forsaken A scream that cannot be heard   These are the demons Who haunt us every day Who taunt the sanctity of salvation
After 23 years, the eyes seen so much, trying to keep up in life, but its always in a rush. High School flew by, Undergrad did too, struggling to get by, while my bank account gave me the blues.
God wants me more than I want sin God wants me more than I want popularity God wants me more than I want wealth   God loves me more than I love my family God loves me more than I love my friends
Mama's house smells of onions and garlic. Chicken is probably dissolving into a large pot of pinto beans, collards gurgling under a nearby lid.
I am young
Why did you decide to stay? Even when I pushed you away so many times? You came back to me.
I see stars. See in them what I am capable of I see a heart. Broken in between happiness like hope I see void. In this I have come to rest I don’t see myself. I see a mirror. In this fractal misrepresentation,
It can go away so easily All this pain, this fear This loneliness, these tears I can make it go away.   It can go away so easily Just three pills too many A small slit to a fragile wrist
5 minutes is all it takes for a stranger to see what a wonderful human being you are, to become captivated by every part of you and they've only begun to scratch the surface, wh
"True believers are a dime a dozen," the old crow used to say. "What's there to believe?" the young colt always asks. "God is the answer," the immovable turtle proclaims.
Your love engulfs me like a wave Overwhelmed as it crashes against a shore You love me unconditionally What is this beauty I see? A love unrelenting Strong and withstanding Lord, how can this be?
I am an adopted child. A princess of a King A sweet love new to me.
Is it me or just the pain insideThe life I have, I cannot hideWhat I see in the mirror is so realIt shouldnt matter how I feelClose the door to doubt and insignificance 
Oh Life, give me God! Oh God, give me life! And whatever else your capable of from high up above.   The God who made the notion of love. The God who turned a plain white bird
  One last hug, Just before I go to bed
Diana, Princess of Wales, was right. This world is very sick. She said something beautiful. She said, “The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved”.
There is nothing more beutiful in life than love. It's the glue that holds everything together, the thing that makes life more sweet,
I am as strong as the woman who raised me, I am as brave as the father who helped me, and I am as valuable as the god who created me. -Brianna Todd
Today's a new day God let me have this morning Noon, nectar, nocturne.
Being girl and growing up watching Disney classic You think we all love the princesse Not this girl, I fell in love with the Genie played by Robin Williams His death shocked the nation
He is the one who stills you when you may feel unruly He is the one who leads you when you may feel lost
"Who I am?",  is an ever changing aspect. Out of all the people in the world I'm simply a speck. Just a grain of sand at the beach, my skin is the color of bleach. If I throw on a filter I can look sweet as a Georgia Peach.
I have left, But I have not left your minds, or your hearts, I am gone, But only from sight, In each and every one of your hearts my spirit lives on. I know some of you are sad, Upset, and
You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, eve
I'm feeling a little inspired today, I wish there were more days like these. Wasn't feeling tired today, Finally, life is starting to make sense to me. Why couldn't I figure this out before? Love is all we can give and need.
Refuse the flesh and follow the spirit. Lay down your idles, it is then that you will hear him. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. You're never too far gone. He died for us. your soul can be made right.
Out of Grace God it’s been so long, I don’t know if you’re still there. God, I fell so hard, How could you still care?
Instant Gratification is ruing our nation, but this information is on a need to know basis.
You flawed up, they’d say You a mess up, they shout Hair a mess, tears were more, they were cruel They couldn’t care less how I was hurting to the core, they were cruel.
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
Many girls all dream for this thing:
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
Typically, my policy is practicing self-censorshipActing like I'm masterful, with unsurpassable intelligenceIn actuality, some elements exist which aren't usually seen
Flawless is flawmore  because flaws are what make us human I am not a perfect person its an insult to say i am id be fuming' It would suck to find out I was Because flaws make life fun
So I just did a spoken word poetry today during Sunday Service and guess what? It was bad, literally bad. Bad from the compostion to the articulation of thoughts to the actual voicing out of the words.
this walk through life I've realized I can't do on my own 
How I am flawless? What a bore, These weak and fragile ideals, We hold them close, To build ourselves up, But the world in its flawless heart, Strikes us into chaos   How am I flawless?
Air, trees, and shelter Hair, weed, and nectar Material things versus Minor needs which will benefit the most when you breathe seems as if the consequence is not acknowledged  until someone bleeds
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
Many times we sacrifice hopes and dreams thinking that by doing so we will achieve bigger dreams. We don't understand how many we lose in the road until we look back.
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
We are the greatest experiment We are a bio experiment We are a social experiment  We are a addaptation experiment  We are ants  And God is the twelve year old with a magnifying glass
My soul cries out for You My light in the darkness The One who took the pain and suffering All for me   A man unmarked by lie Unmarked by sin Yet the perfect sacrifice
Where are you?   In the wind? Whirling round and round Filling ears with the lonely sound   In the earthquake? Dizzying destruction and pain
  The only time I believed in you,
Dear brother, I wrote this poem to and for you.
What do I look like in a room of others thinking, thinking out of this world? No one even notices me, I past by and I get a glance if I'm lucky I feel gold though,
If I'm going to hell For my love I'll be seeing you there Cause god said not to judge  
To the land of wandering and stories that ancients told Leaving us to pondering The memories of travels old   To the land filled with dust Eroded from histories stone
After a day like yesterday, I'm grateful for my faith.
It isn't just a word we use For when things will be fine It isn't just said to amuse Or recite a religious line   It isn't just a simple lyric In a hymnal song
The Lord gave me a heart for the hurting Allowed me to enjoy opportunities of which I wasn’t always deserving Endowed me with the power of spiritual discernment Enabled confidence to generate a lyrical disturbance
Who am I? Who are you?Who are we trying to be?
Real love By: Winston Mayo
This is us when we get our pay check,Ok first thing first I'm going to pay my bills,  my hair cut, and those JordonsMaking a list of all the priorities of me, myself and I  But what about God?That 10% of our pay check,Tithes.
Your morning breath blew beautifully A familiar funk stuck on the windowsill I’d steal this stench and drench my windowpanes repetitiously  
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.
Not that vice should be to one
I have joy, not happiness but joy.  
I see Your grandeur in the rain storm,
  What uplifts me? Such a simple question But difficult to answer What does it mean? "What inspires me?
There is a lot of flaw In an adolescent girl Leading a women’s ministry, Judged by the world.   There is a lot of sadness In an adolescent girl Motivating others, Smiling at the world.
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
I am lifted by the Lord. Craving GOD'S Holy Word. Wherein my thoughts often linger. Searching Scriptures pages, Quelling this world's rages, Finding Christ, Salvation's bringer.
I don't if is been the movies or my friends, I have recently become an addict for a woman's fur, their beautiful skin and beautiful lips make me go crazy, if only I had a special girl that could fulfill my thirst,
Joy. Happiness.  Things that decribe me. I live for him. He died for me.  In desprate times, He is there. When no one is around, I know He comforts me. We learn from His word and teachings.
If I woke up tomorrow and only had what I thanked God for today,
When the world seems dark and dreary And my chest feels so heavy I gaze up to the heavens and smile brightly For I am not alone in the world   There is one who will never leave me
How could this happen I thought we were through my inner being is mortified We're waiting for you My demons coo they threaten to pull me  into the crashing waves
Sin is produced from the heart, and it pulls God and I apart, Yet we still ask God to listen to our heart. We seem to only go to God in the midst of trouble, Those moments when our sin points seem to double,
Guilt is like a stain on a sweater
I run into an open sky. I watch the sunset and within the orange and pink horizon I see me. I see myself at just 5 years old walking into a new surrounding. I see my teacher anxiously awaiting 
Wherever I am, As long as I’m out, Over the blue waters I go To catch some trout.   But never after a full moon. That’s when they have their feasts. With the moonlight shining over the water,
(I wrote this in a comment to someone, but it is for you too, dear reader.)   All the world was dark  Before the beginging Alone and stark He began singing A world into being
I stand alone amoungst my friends we have our differences I belive in one God they belive in society we have our differences they all hate they mock they laugh
Dear God, I don’t want to be bother, But I was wondering if we could talk again, You know, daughter to Father
I find myself thinking why so many people look to have fame, to have money to feel accepted.   i used to think that way that i would be happy looking the wrong way i was unhappy
When I was four I loved my brother and he broke his arm he screamed and fell and I didn't know what to do so I gave him marshmallows When I was seven I loved a doll and I cut its hair
  I know that wide is the path And I know narrow is the way But now the road is so dark And I just can't shine today This is a road that I don't know But I can't bring myself to say
You can handle it
Behind my smiles My good deeds My leadership My love for others Behind the eyes of those who look highest of me Who seek my guidence Behind all that i am I am paranoid
My body awakens with a refreshing shrug, I plant my feet onto the cushioned rug,
I believe in death so that I may gain life
I was one in the dark, you know? Following a pace Destruction was its face Tall and Slim Dark and Grim Too much to care.   The light Was too fair   My itchy ears
i cannot find those words i wrote how can i when i wrote them long ago weeks years months seconds lifetimes how can we find anything in this world
  Gravity can pull me down all he wants,  but that will not stop me from reaching the sky.  The stars are mine to own, and the universe is my playground.  Earth is a test,
Never am I left alone, 24/7 He's on the phone Never am I left on my own, just a prayer and I can call home
The men who taught mehope were barely any morethan a couple of kids with organ shoes that thumpedtogether in bags slung overtheir shoulders, always.
Children’s cries calm her pounding heart Pangs of travail drain from their raw start At last love manifests in blood-flushed flesh Spirits sparkle in the commitments made fresh  
39 Strikes of paint on a canvas telling me to, Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Give Up Never Give Enough Never Good Enoug- Im Never Good Enough . . .
  Negative thoughts Leading to Emotional distraught Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper Your hard work neglected
I keep getting sad at night instead of putting myself to sleep but I always put up a fight even though I know perfectly well what it does to me
I can fly
I believe we'll all arive at the same end Somewhere in the eternities We'll be righteous; Kind. We'll love Goodness, and Truth For now I am a learner And it takes me due time
To the day I die I will search for it My soul screams for it, it is in pain What is the purpuse in my life? I don't belive in JUST a life, there must be more to it than pleasures and sorrow
BEACHES By: Malaika LeAnne Uding   Nice warm sun beating on my back.
I've gotten tired lately, dreaming of a something. So abstract. So tiring.
God I wish you'd stop by and say hi. So that we can talk about life. And answer all the reasons why. Like why do we have to die. Or why do we have to cry And why do we have to lie
Ripped but not running
You will see a un-lit room. Inside that room you can see someone. That person is trying to find the light switch. The person thinks they have found it.   Motivation starts to rise within this person.
Pain; exponential Unwavering, ever expanding   Feeling; overrated Consistent downward trend   "Fun"; fatuous Ethereal, Unremarkable  
I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks. There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks. God has a future planned, planned for you and me,
Sometimes I envy those Those stick skinny creatures Some call goddesses Humans, not felines Who walk the cat walk They have two faces, But one body Click, flash, print
My astronomic family and I get around
God do you hear me when I cry? Do you feel my pain? You allowed your son to be slain. He probably felt my pain dragging that cross through a hot desert Hurt and feeling forsake Somedays I can imagine that.
You began your life with a simple dream...freedom!  A desire to live as you please!  The day you said no to your creator  No! To the very hands that formed you!  You denied your master! 
I got an attitude,Attitude with God,Maybe I’m not supposed to say that,Maybe I’m always supposed to call on his name and give him praise,
It's another day, another ho
I lived a lifeless life, I mean growing up fatherless, my daddy was super stressed, call
What is the meaning of Easter?Is it the eggs?
To God the most High,Is what the angel's sang.
I was told that I once walked with the SaviorThrou
I have feelings of loneliness that I can't breakTh
God I have been whispering your name since I could form words in my mouth My first prayers were led by parents over dinner tables The right phrases whispered into my ear as I eyed the chicken nuggets on my plate
A Prayer   Thank you Lord, For darkness and light, Thank you Lord, For giving me sight.
Courage, why have you left me
Life is like a game of chest, so play it well. Love is like a game of cards, and some can't deal. My favorite cards used to be the ace and the joker but switched the game up, no longer playing poker. Threw out all the clubs.
  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth He saw that it was good so he continued his creation He created Adam and Eve and gave them all of their worth
Heavy hearted I can barely breath Some how it seems like you're choking me... With lies and deceit That you do I hope and pray I do not lose my life..... Which you wanted to control
Upon this TreeWritten by Adam M. SnowLook upon this tree,a Man hung for us to see.
God's HeavenWritten by Adam M. SnowA vision splendid of the Heavenly scene,filled my mind with an image so clean:
This Lost LambWritten by Adam M. SnowOh by the morning strike of dayand by the calm obscure of night,
I want to talk about Black Entertainment Television. To discuss and describe the implements of incidents that my people look up to as stardom.   We turn on the television to find our favorite male rap artist,
Have it all from my head to my feet no matter how tall reach up and take me I am yours you are mine the God who changed water to wine even in a blink of an eye
You taught me something great
Growing up I only had to fear the men in white hoods, to stand against the power of the truly colored people.
Stained hands and I'm guilty Lookin to the sky like  Lord can you hear me   Dunno what to do when I'm pushed in the corner Can't fight back cuz  I ain't got order
I'm addressing you....you with the sunkissed slightly greenish hazel eyes and cherry blossom blushed cheeks...you with the dark berry skin tone and pure almond colored eyes... you with the corner store and liquor spots for teachers...
When I'm in scared I go to You When I'm in pain I go to You
Broken people, broken things, Shine and glitter in the light. The greatest miracles to be seen, Is what God can accomplish with the broken by His might.   For from great sorrow can come repentance,
Steeper up the steeple the bells ring Chanting the enchanted hymns and songs no longer sacred What we do hear, here in the chapels, the mosques, the synagogues Is lust of temptations
Ratchet  up,          Above the exponentially farthest stars                      Because there is floating heaven without a location.                                     The only True God, He is whom I vomit words about,
You fell in love with a girl whom saw from right and wrong. Who passed many footsteps in her life, And knew what was going on.
Oh lord I say. Who's going to ever help me with my insecurities? I go through hell every night. The demons..the company I dont need. They're attacking oh father.   Say a word for me...
in this black notch of time
No, I don’t think you’re crazy A little eccentric, maybe But I’ve always loved you like that Don’t I always have your back? I was never the one to judge you Instead I’ve always tried to nudge you In becoming of what you dreamed
Well I've been sitting around lately
I crushed the people, then I brought healing to the bodies. 
So tired o
For all the love I have to give No one can learn to live with it I'm restless, weary and fading Straining to remain the same Another date, another day No love shines in this shade
He whispers through my being,aiding my growth as an individual.
He whispers through my being,aiding my growth as an individual.
The constant dialogue of a girl and herself 
every night I rest my head,I rest it sometimes on a bed,my head is resting but my mind is racing,my mind is going so fast I feel like pacing,I have so much to think about,
I'm amazed every day by the things you do.... When all goes wrong ..I lift my head and look to you For all the things you've gotten me through i knowest not what else to do?
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't know where life or God plan to take me. I don't know what this world will bring.
What makes my mind tick?
"Somewhere between free will and determinism I found myself stagnate, in a metaphysical gridlock not knowing what direction to step in.
I have a dream:That I will love you forever.And by forever,I do not just mean my time in Earth,But also my time In heavenWhen I kneel at your feet,In praise and glory,
I write to you today
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
 i don't know what I am , I lost your hope and your love , but I can't feel a thing but hate .
A bouquet of balloons strains against its bonds, dancing in the breeze with its anchor of ground.   I imagine releasing them with scissors, one, two, three, more, watching them fly into
Why are you so down on yourself? Do you not know what greatness you have? How do you deal with the negativity in life? Don’t you know what you are made of?
So I've created a mission To spread my decision To talk about my beliefs about the topic of religion. A touchy subject, people get defensive, But it's a result of the way it gets presented.  
You were a great mom You always did a good job You took care of me and my life And you were always a great friend When times had changed I became the mom I began taking care of you
So we are going to talk about relationship...
The Hand of God
I gave you all that i could give, i got nothing in return.
I can see a city,
The C word is loud It is always in my face So I venture off and find my happy place.   It attacked at my back Fear crippling, questions surging My perspective shifts and memories begin merging.
Imagine the moon explodes into a firework. Imagine the sun falls to ashes. Imagine this world as if it weren/t what it seemed. Create the beauty from what you're given, and make it your own.
Sleepless days, and cold winter nights. Lord, I don't always pray with all my might. I don't follow the Bible word for word. And i tend to neglect you unless there's something I can't afford.
I want to do it right. See, and that's my problem right there. Because in my desire to do life right I become terrified of making mistakes And turn to what the world (the general consensus) says.  
(Chiraq beat) I’m no rapper but this –ish ain’t draconian. Didn’t take much to pull me in. God flow, time stop, anachronic rap bars. Ahead of the years He gave me, ahead of the game I carry,
I can't hate him I love him But resentment is building Harder to conceal Holding this hot potato hurts my hands It hurts like "man what happened to the plans" It's hurts like "damn!"
Lord, do not forsake me. Take away my homeland. Take away my pride. Lord, test me. Leave me no place to hide. Remove me of my sins. Blind my eyes from hatred. Leave me behind
Angry parents – at us or themselves Angry lovers – heartbreaking rows Angry worlds – they don’t share secrets form tears on our pillows   We drink them away till no one sees them glisten.
I have realized my past in a nutshell was a storybook of heartbreak, disappointment, sinfulness and
I've listen to you for far too long and it's time I turn back to the one who has never turn his back on me So you can shut me out put me down even hurt me  take away my hopes and dreams
The female identity Is not to be confused With the male entity   On what they think What they say Or what the media portrays   And they? They’re the men and also the women
I wanna commit suicide so I can go to heaven, But killing is a sin, so I might end up in hell.
We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.Can't we all just get along?Can we continue to love one another,And help those in need?Can we bare each other's burdens,And pray for one another?
Are we not all searching for a reason to live? Searching for our origin and our destiny?
i go to the church
  break me down.  please, i’m begging you. 
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
My future is bright Even though I'm scared sometimes I know god is right
Is anyone up there? Tired of wondering where, warn out on wondering how, and never getting a reply. If evil is the problem, who can give us the answer? If God is the ultimate good,
Smart yet scatterbrained, darting about. A butterfly, flitting from flower to flower-
i'm nowhere near theAlpha and Omega, whohas made all to come.
If I can take a look into my past
The devil is chasing me  Always has been  Since the day I was conceived  He tries to make me give in    Though there're many enticements  And many temptations 
300 years of slavery, 300 years in chains, One hundred years of bravery, This finally led to change. Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign, Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,
For what you do not know could be for better or for worse. To say this one or that one or what about none? For what we see hindsight seems like 20/20 But in the midst of the rising
Are we nothing more than His playthings
The Logic Of Todays Youth    Many Young People Today are in great disposition Simply because we refuse to defer from sin  You see its not that we don't know any better 
Did you he
Walking through life with no blinders on no tunnel vision trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division much derision caught in the valley of decisions
I hate that losing weight boosted my self confidence.
  Sometimes all you can do is stand. All you can do is keep on working, pushing towards brighter days.
Surrounded by a sea of people, I close my eyes and listen: voices rumbling; feet patting, skidding, clicking; bursts of chuckles and snorts; sneezes shooting; people embracing.  Now in the quiet I hear but more: the lub-dub of the heart
I inhale lately the oxygen is accompanied by a dart in my spine a prick in my mind
Secretions of saline Extensions of the soul
Hush little girl, and rest in me
I am not a poet.
And I'll be kneeling on the floor Saying let me in too For all I've done Was try to mirror you You told me to love And that I did do I didn't think you specified to who
I don't believe this is it The do all end all Of all things I coud do Is finding love so wrong? Because I don't think so Is giving love so wrong? Because I don't want to be judged
Threw it all when You lost it all Threw the cause you find a way Just to let us know and say I'm with you today And when you are beaten down  You get right back up  When you try You never give up
How does one teach? Do you decide what is right? Can you truly say anything is false?
Beauty is a state of mind what state you livin' in? when shawty broke my heart you were the one that mended it back together I never thought it'd be me and you
The things that make me tick... Some you'l understand others you'll get a kick   One thing is double standards: Girl gets layed - she's a sex hazard Guy gets layed - he's got swagger
Loving you is harder than anything I’ve ever known. Never seen, and never shown.
I'll send a prayer up to the stars And leave the rest to their keeper, And perhaps he'll teach me to dance
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
we've all loved We've all lost But all can be found We'll all live We'll all die We'll always strive For better or worse To love and be loved We'll find whT was once lost is now found
There once was a man Who laid under an old sicamore tree He was young but wise And seen good in Gods eyes He'd nod and wave Whenever one called his name  He'd never pout 
A Father's Love;
It is in nature and science that I find religion
to be Heard rip opEn the chest  And feel the emotions  Ripped from your lips hear Me, oh future, oh past hEar me, oh children born, old men dead Now is the time to act
People always question how I live my life They say I'm missing out from what I do with my time But I've never seen it that way, although the feeling comes and goes I will hold onto His promise because I know 
Earth, created by  heaven
-I walk into the restaurant tightly holding onto my Father's hand. All around, I see other guys.
-There I was.
-It was all fun and games.
"Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down just get bac
The sky has turned grey, the world a state of decay. What is there left to do, when they all count on you? Save them from a god, who they think no longer cares? Bring them into the light of truth and disappoint them?
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
As I sit on this cold ground
There are many moments in a persons life, but the first moment is birth when one is born into a world that we know nothing about some say it is a beautiful world I say it is
I sit aloneon the ruins of human failure.On a stonemade of the promises broken.Feet underneath me,to stand would be impossible.I weep softlyon the ruins of human failure.
Look at me for who I am and not what you want me to be.It isn't fair that
I’m sorry fatherSometimes I forget to pray
After being told I could not bare a child, by God's good grace I was blessed with a miracle. How could this tiny human being be growing inside of me? Oh, how do I wonder?  
Oh how I wish I could change the past.  the mistakes I've made Are too numerous to count.  I have failed too many times.  I have disappointed others, And I have disappointed myself.   
How can this be the land of the free It seems more like the land of the slaves Suggestive thinking rearranging our views controlling us were nothing but sheep to them
 Xxasperated Irritated Feeling the need to be Elated Want to be liberated  Trying to fascilate it 
Sometimes I sit up at night I can't help but to dwell on all of the things wrong with me i'm lonely most nights I try to figure out why i'm alone