Understanding God

We try to put Him in a boxWe look at all the verses in all the booksAnd try to fully describe him in one sentenceWe create images to know how he looksAnd shy away from confusing things that make us tenseWe jump to conclusions about who he isWithout taking the time to fully understandAnd to know God and all that is hisKnowing his nature and the work of his handDesire to see every part of the storyI want to know and pursue and find the whole meaningDesire for love and the unfolding mysteryOnto every piece of the puzzle I clingI don't want to settle for the lesser thingsI want to know all of the bestThe things that are not offered by earthly kingsThen I will find peace in which there is restMy soul will know meaning and wander no moreFor it has found God, all of life's meaningIt finds the peace it never had before In the one and only kingThat can make life completeBut cannot be understood by us completely 

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