Cruel life

Dear God,

Life sucks man. Since a child I was always told that we have to wait, that everyone had a purpose to be alive in this cruel, dark world. My only questions is do we really have a purpose? Im seventeen years old and my family and I are not having the best of times right now. Its December, less than a week from Christmas. Right now just before the holidays, when your supposed to be celebrating, my family is going to be kicked out of our house. Tell me why have you abandoned us?! My family always has you in their hearts, they visit your house every Sunday and try to do everything in order to not commit any deadly sins, Tell me why have you abandoned them? I understand if you give me the worst luck ever , since I am not one of the best child out there, but explain to me why them? Life is a lie. Why are we born if we are just going to end up dying in the first place?

Life is unfair. I was born in a low- medium income family. There were times when we had just enough for food and bills and other times when we had enough to go on a mini vacation. Its funny how its so hard and frustrating for a person like myself to try to get to the top of the food chain. Remind me of something one of my family members said “If you go to a hospital for an illness they will just help you out if you have money, but if you don't have money they won't help you, but it doesn't matter because your going to end up in the same place afterwards”. At the end of everyone's life everyone is going to end up in the same place no matter if you were the greatest person or the worst person that has ever existed.

It seems that every time when we are just starting to be happy, we get a huge obstacle in our way. I just feel like the meaning of life is meaningless. There is no goal that will ever be satisfactory enough to last you a lifetime, but it's fine because I won't give up on life. There are going to be days like today where I am going to question the meaning of my existence, but I will try to succeed not for myself but for my family who has always looked for a way to stay alive instead of giving up in this world.



Your child.


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