All the Devil''s Details

I feel

as if

one- by - one

bits and pieces of me are being pulled from my heart

very carefully.

Long strands,

removed by the Adversary

I don't have enough faith to endure.


It's so slow

and careful,

like They want me to suffer.

But, of course They do;

That's Their job.


And They know

that the ultimate strand to pull

is the one that kills me.

that's Their goal;

what They aim for.


And for some reason,

I won't let God in;

which is the only way to strengthen the strands of my heart.

I need to let him in.

And I don't want to admit it,

but I will:

They are winning.

But I will let my God in,

and like God's very own soccer player,

on his very own soccer team;

I won't let Them take me down.

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