Alter Ego

Cloggin my veins
Causing pain in ways I don't feign
to understand
understand me
I know its there
emotional connections lead to sin infections
causing depth perception to be misled with misconceptions
think i need an optomotrist
think i need to stop trying this
cuz my bloodline's tainted like sewage pipes
With some Bruce Wayne habits in the darkest nights
just some slight pleasure but full consequence
Cross the fence you get the pitbull
Now I've fallen in the pitfall
dropped down now I'm buried get the coffin out
Sick from sin an I can't seem to cough it out
Only one medicine for this, its heaven sent
My Savior, redeemer of my sins
The reason for this pen
For these lines, these rhymes set afire by the holy sire
King of kings
he knows my dreams
life hit rock bottom Grand Canyon in a lonely land 
but in his holy hand his hold will hold me up again
reaching sky scrapers heights higher than empire state size trials
Deadlier than novacaine in a crucible mixed with liquid of lucifer
Droppin trippin on Mollys while Miley twerks in the lobby
Choppin like kiwasabee those hobbies will leave ya sorry
Sin corruption looks more like a confection 
But its more like a desert infused with arsenic injections
calastenic corrections I'm moving in wrong directions
Every choice I'm making is fueling an insurrection


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