God Your Freedom

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 21:44 -- rree01

God Your Freedom


God Your Freedom, 

has became my song

that I sing too lifelong 

I’ve learned so much 

accepting your grace

your patience and love 

has put me back into place, 

like the stars aligning in the night sky

I’m gonna follow the sweet designs that correlates my eyes.


As the sand gets pulled 

into the tides

your hands has made 

my spirit shine

God Your Freedom, 

has my heart roaring like a lion, 

cause you are good, 

my gates are open, 

let the Holy Spirit come inside, your welcomed anytime.


Through darkness, you 

were there beside me. 

You sent your son to take 

our sins, in his shedding of rubies

on the cross, 

you’ve protected all of us lifelong.

You’ve given me incredible people

who just fill me with joy, I can explore

and learn so much more with you.


Your my morning sky with stars

that follow behind,

Your the piece that finishes the masterpiece 

You took my darkness and took away 

my sadness

Your the flame that burns my spirit for eternity.

Your my savior, when the devil tries to come near,

You crushed his head, and I left the grave

to walk every second with you every day..


You took black & white out of my soul

poured down colors to fill the empty holes

your pure love has made me go

and when I have your hand I’ll never let go.

I’ll dance with the ocean in motion

I’ll breathe your grace when the sun sets

I’ll keep believing while earth keeps spinning

God Your Freedom, has taught me to

conquer the storms with the rain

leaving those thunderbolts and cyclones

that cause destruction,

but your forgiveness has told me to be fearless.


God Your Freedom, made the ground start to shake, destroying the devils old ways

you can make the mountains move,

You can make the stars and planets align

You can make the beautiful sunrise

Your love is like a wildfire, that burns all day and night for a lifetime.

the devil is fool, and he’s ridiculous and unforgiving, he’s never right all he does is lie.


your words in the biblical

scriptures have powerful 

meanings, millions of years later, 

thousands of your children 

are still baptizing joining the family. 

God Your Freedom is everything...

your the father everyone needs.

This poem is about: 
My family


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