I Am

I Am Not What You Create
I Am Not What You Make Out Of Me
I Am Not Your Sinful Hate
I Stand Tall As My Traders & Doubters Make Date For My Fallen Victory- But See In Me Im A Lighted Torch Thatll Never Go Out, I Have That Everglowing Light In Me.
When I Smile I Make Demons Melt To The Ground, Racist Humans Frown, Killer Sharks Drown & Make Pharoahs Turn To Clowns
I Am The Rocket Ship That Never Slips To The Tip Of Disappointment
I Am The Nuclear Bomb That Will Set Nagasaki & Hiroshima To Shame
I Am The Mom Of Victory & Blessings To Gain
I Don't Have An S On My Chest Because That's Too Clichè
I Have Cross With A Scarf That Sashays Across Your Heart & Stop Your Breathing As If Your Hooked On Air & A Man Overdosed On Cardiac Arrest - Blessed I Am Everyday Because I Have A Man That Watches Over Me Not A Man That Compliments Me Just To Get One Taste Or Rub Or Touch Of Me- He Sends Angels On My Worst Days When I Am Thirstay For His Word & Love & Doesn't Force Me Into Foreplay & When He Comes On That Day I Will Go Forth & Not Procrastinate On That Choice If I Want To Live Eternally Or Keep Waiting Til The Right Timing Like Foreplay- Hey All My Life My Name Been Buried In Dirt But The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth So Whats Your Excuse On Not Reaching That Goal Huh Sell Ya Soul For The World Tell Me Whats Your Worth Woah
My Personality Is Hell On Wheels That Have Been Cruisin For Miles
I Am The new Bad A** With A Killer Smile
I Am Clean & Sparkly & Modern Day Style
I Am Precious & Glowing
I Am Gods Mosaic Tiles
I Have Wires Running Through My Body That Can Set Off Lights More Than Raves
I Have Beaming Bright Beautiful Eyes That Can Make Lions Behave
I Am The first Contentious Human To Walk Out That Cave
I Am A King Kong & It'll Take more Beats From My Chest To Show You I'm The World's Best From That Nest Before I Spread My Wings & Cover This Whole World I Am An Eagle With An Ego Bigger Than What Beyonce Could Ever Imagine I Am A Seagull That'll Sit Back & Let You Enjoy Yourselves Then Take Over A Beach & Dive In For What I Want, I Am The People, the American Dream- I Am The Glory I Am Selma I Am The Black Activist With An Active Fist In All Black I Am The Black Panthers
Now Answer Whats Your Worth If You Have To Show A Lil Goody To Get That Money?
Whats Your Worth If You Have To Sell Some Dope To Get Some Hunnies?
Im more Than What You Can Imagine
Im The Wait Whats Happening & What Happened
I Am The Future Spirit That Youll Be Bound To Seek
I Am The Name You Spit On- I Am The Striving Meek

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