Even She Will Be Strong


Heavy fog on rainy days
Represents my inner haze.
Windows watch as life goes by
Wistful glass that views the sky. 
She sits at desks throughout the day
Dreaming days and life away.
This realization will never hit
Because of pain she won’t admit.
Instead, she allows her love to grow
Causing future problems she doesn’t know.
Hallways are hopeful tunnels of light,
When he comes into view,
Life fades into night.
Then all her sadness disappears, 
Fading away as he grows near.
Heartbeats quicken, her pulse starts to race,
Her breath always stolen by the sight of his face.
Even one smile will last her the day,
Gives her happy thoughts to wipe out all signs of dismay.
She looks to God after the boy disappears, 
And begs Christ to listen and dissolve all her fears. 
Despite the smiles, the “heys,” and the hugs,
Even love can’t banish depression that tugs.
So she must rely on her daily prayer to fight off all the clouds of despair. 
After hours of learning, she walks to her car, 
Through a downfall of rain, which rinses her scar.
She catches a glance of his car ahead 
And can’t stop the thoughts that rush to her head.
After blushing and tripping over both feet, 
The heat in her heart melts all the sleet. 
Driving home, she won’t notice the cars all around,
As her head’s in the sky and her heart on the ground.
At home, with her knees held close to her chest,
She wonders if her mind will ever know rest.
Arguments and people have made her mind weak,
As thoughts pull her under, she begins to weep.
Still she waits for a text that could delete all the pain,
That could block out her clouds and stop all the rain.
Inside, she may know that he isn’t the one,
Though her capacity for love may yearn for a ton.
Although he’s rejected the girl and her crush,
Even thinking of him can turn her to mush.
Life can’t always have its magical ending
Somebody should tell her to just stop pretending.
But though she’s fallen again and again, 
She lets herself dream every now and then.
Has a passion for faithfulness, hope, and believing,
And a heart that’s too open to the world’s deceiving.
Still it’s better to have loved that to have not loved at all,
To let roses bloom and to let oneself fall.
It’s life, go experience it! And embrace with your heart!
For you never can know when relationships will start!
Remember the girl, looking out at her dreams,
And know that life’s never as bad as it seems.
Eventually, even she will be strong,
So trust the heartbeats, and you will never be wrong. 

© Emily Meester - October, 2013.



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