Pointe Shoes From A Different Point


Pointe Shoes,
Hanging over my shoulder,
Like its helping me get one step closer,
To where I want be -No stopping me,
Just like the floor, time is also my friend indeed,
No need to think impossible, I'm unstoppable and capable,
Of showing you the incredible-ness of my personal message,
My endurance, along with my performance has improved,
There's no use in covering me up with a lid,
Haven't you heard I'm a king's kid,
Don't bid on me to see if I'll survive, I'm Alive,
And my art will never die,
But will provide for the next generation to come,
Me, myself and I am only just one,
But in dance it's like a billion to one,
Can't run anymore,
Tired of trying and failing to meet the score,
I'm still sore, but i get back up,
Asking God, "Please fill my cup?"
Yup, I'm Clean and Free to be,
What my creator ordained for me,
Just haven't seen what my talent can do for thee,
I plead,
That you just listen to me,
And follow the dreams in which you seek,
Because God has not forgotten about thee,
But have you pushed him in a place in which you don't seek, but leave behind, disrupt your mind,
And spreading that throughout the whole human-kind, I SIGH.
Knowing that the thought of "won't make it" could be in your mind,
So I try to live out my dream-to-be,
So you can have a different mentality,
And be on your way to glorious victory,
My generation will succeed, and proceed to be the new MC's of R&B,
Don't be let down, Just believe that you can survive to be.



I'm inspired by your determinaton, don't give up! 

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