I am one with my soul and God

Granted my body to be on this world

But how can one, be “one”

If they are not connected

And they are slipping into this cruel

Savage beast we call solitary

It’s cold down there

Deep down in the interior of the blizzard sea

Where the sharks are the people

And the ice is the misguided words spoken

The same words, used to fool with one’s mind

Hoping to believe what is not the truth

Humans crave the feeling of being wanted

To the point of losing ourselves

Others, engulf the pain, hiding the real belief

Those people

Do not fit into the crowd

of drug using

Cancer killing

Sexually driven

Disoriented sinister souls

That commit more sins than Hell

Those people, stick to themselves

Finding their true friends but still want to be noticed

How can you have everything?

And still be lonesome?

It’s because you still don’t fit in

You have good friends, but no connection

As you see the bond thicker with someone else in your group

Pondering, why your level doesn’t match

Still, your head remains high

Continuing to be friends with them because it is your family

You do not leave family

But you still want

The satisfaction of being noticed

By the past, present, and future people

That have and will enter your life for a reason

Time will pass

So I shall continue to fall

Fall until the hands of contentment

Catch me

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