I want to be a god

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 20:30 -- verachy

In a world of pain,lonliness and sadness

i want to be their super hero

with a magic wand that creates joy and happiness

i'll  make all sorrows disseaper

and fill the earth with peace and content

i want to be the god that listens


 When you've given your all

yet you feel the world is against you

the pain is unbearable

and the only relief seems to be death

you'll call on me and i'll come

because am the god that listens


sprinkle! Sprinkle! and POOF! the pain's gone

the war bettwen man and man

the war between man and himself

the war between man and money

the war man and love

they''ll summon me and i'll come

and poof! the pain's gone

because am the god that cares

the god that's real.


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