Turns of Life

Wed, 11/07/2012 - 21:34 -- peterjb


United States
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Life, each turn
Leaves you more lost than the first
It's just something
That's when it's bad, it hurts
Not knowing how one day, will go
That's the reason why we get up
To suffer each day of it
The grueling hours spent
Pondering on what will happen next
Never knowing, "people say"
But still wondering, doesn't that get you upset
Are we all just crazy
Because we deliberately, live life never knowing
And constantly do it over again
With no sense of when we are stopping or going
We are crazy if that's it
That is the meaning of the word
Doing something repeatedly over again
Even though we never know, that's absurd
So in light of this situation
Of our mental conundrum
We do know what life is throwing
We just have to get up and hit for the run
For if we know life is a surprise
Then it is no surprise at all
Life is just based on
Whether we sand or fall
We know what life will be
It will be a surprise
But we just don't know what kind
Or what's inside the prize
So, in our insanity
Actual sanity rises about
Because life is not a box of chocolates
But rather the way you pick them out


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