Today and Forever

Sat, 01/07/2017 - 08:52 -- sshon

There was a then and there is a now,

the past allows

To walk a life of fire,

blinded by tempations and desire.

Tiny speck of light in the dark shines through,

overcome by light, renders darkness unable to brew

Exposed in every way, the sins are in plain view.

Horrified at the wreck in plain sight,

I beg to differ and I beg with all my might

that I will never go back to the pain-stricken night.


There was a yesterday and there is a today,

the tears made yesterday will be corrected with tape.

Subject to change as the rest of today remains,

I just pray that if any wound, no scars, only scrapes.

Behold there is a healer who heals the sick,

who brings hope for the hopeless

who loves with no condition.

He is the one to free me of the nights in darkness.


For there is today and there will be a future,

With God I will never lose sight.

I may be tempted but will not re-open my sutures

bounded by your blood of Jesus Christ.

It all begins with acceptance

and repentance

and a connection that seeks after Him

there is an ending on earth, but Heaven is eternal

once saved, forever immortal

in loving arms I'll be

today and forever.

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