I Just Want You

A friend once asked me, 

"If you were standing in the presence of God,

but behind one door was your dream life, 

which would you choose?

I hesitated and contemplated,

but this one question I should have knew.

Without a shadow of a doubt God...

I should have chose you.

If I was left alone in this beautiful large world

and could have the one I can't live without,

Lord it would be you.

How could I not choose my Father who wakes me up in the morning,

the One who remembers none of my wrongs,

the Man who forgives even the most evil of things,

the One whom my heart belongs.

The Man who created the heavens and this Earth

and the same One who loveth you and I,

the God almighty who will reign forever,

the God who loves outweighs the depth of the sky.

God I would choose you to be alone with,

to just get a glimpse of who you are

I want to know who this Man is that no one has seen,

the Man who created the galaxy and stars.

Lord how awesome you are!

To love us all regardless of our sins

All we have to do is call out to you

and you will show us where to begin,

how to live a life of righteousness

A life of compassion and love,

I can never live without you God,

you are all I want to speak of.



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