The Girl

You fell in love with a girl whom saw from right and wrong.

Who passed many footsteps in her life,

And knew what was going on.

The girl who fell on her knees in pain at night.

Who cried out to God when no one was in sight.

She cried those forbidden tears that trembled the wind away.

The times were she screamed and cried in agony and pain.

The girl who told herself everything will be ok.

The lies, the truths, the burdens to bear.

She knew her steps of the way, even when everyone said you can’t make it anyway.

All the trembles and fears, might give her nightmares night and day.

The girl who fought when no one saw.

The girl who said she will see it all.

When the sun fell down, she would bow down to her knees,

Asking her almighty God, for answers and her needs.

She never asked for much, never complained much more.

The girl knew that her heart will be restored.

Pick up your head high and dance like there is no tomorrow.

You fell in love with a girl who saw pain ruined and restored.

She knows the steps of her way and fights though the times today.

The girl who sees that life is a choice, to pick it up and go,

Or to sit down and let your tears flow.

You fell in love with a girl who will make you strong and fight with love.

She will hold you tight and say everything will be alright.

The girl will be there for you, day and night,

Holding you tightly and saying a prayer to our almighty God.

A prayer of hope, faith, and love that we would bring together in this life.



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