Jville, AL
United States
this walk through life I've realized I can't do on my own 
the person I pretended to be, my attempts to act grown 
the emptiness I used to feel inside, the insecurities i continued to hide 
But God! He has truly transformed me into someone new 
my past will no longer haunt me, those days are now threw
this journey i am now prepared to take 
i still have a lot to work on, but I know a prosperous woman I'll make 
all of my accomplishments, I didn't do alone 
i give all the praise to my father, who sits upon the throne 
i thank God for making me over 
the person who I was back then wasn't spiritually sober 
I searched for attention in all the wrong places, i felt lost in my home 
so many lonely  nights I cried,
but finally my joy did come 
so if you're still struggling? 
whether it's with lust, low self esteem, or pride 
i know the change you can't complete on your own 
but there is someone who can make you feel brand new inside 
and in us, He abides 


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