Your Smile

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 14:53 -- Noel311


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Your smile makes the worries of the world perish
The symptoms of depression
Twist into oblivion
To crawl away from one’s luminosity

Your smile is the heat wave that hugs July
Brings the notorious Sahara to life with one glance
Revives the soul of hyperthermia
Hospitalizes the cold hearted
And represents the desire of a blind man’s vision

Your smile is the essence of divinity
When God said let there be light there was no sun
So his thoughts of a star only came from you
The curves of your lips represent the form of heaven
Something that can’t be created or destroyed
Matter of a small space that can change humanity

Your smile represents the woman
The way a woman should treat herself
Holding herself sacred to intruders trying to invade her one prized possession
She is king by primogeniture
Inheriting the thrones of Oprah, Maya Angelou and Cleopatra
How dare for thee to pirate her treasure
For one forbidden touch buys a ticket to the bottomless heap
For thy shall not lie
For thy shall not steal
And for thy shall not violate the mother of man

Your smile is the sweet taste of cheesecake
Cream filling embedded in all 32 spectacles of beauty
A kiss from you is worth more of a blessing than any sneeze can imagine
And no imagination can ponder on the righteousness of your smile
A dentist finding something wrong with you is equivalent to the mystery of life on other planets
I wonder if Thomas Edison thought of you when he created the light bulb
Or if Einstein really meant that energy equals your cherubic magnificence to the power of two
The synonymous words of spontaneous, amazing and dazzling
Are understatements to describe your smile
For you are above that
Fame stretched far beyond the fifteen minutes that any man can buy
Honestly, if you were an invested product, Wall Street would not be occupied
The one percent would turn to one hundred percent because everything is rich in your smile



Inspired by a childhood crush

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