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Do Not Support to Abortion

I want to begin by saying that I am pro-life,

Abortions to me, just never seemed right,

And forever I'll cheer yes to women's liberation, 

But this sure brings up an interesting conversation,

Women controlling their bodies,

Sure I can support,

But what of the child,

They chose to abort?

Shouldn't his or her rights be protected by law?

Shouldn't he or she rightfully experience the world at all?

And what of the father?

His half of the DNA,

He took equal part and pleasure,

Yet gets no say,

Patriarchal culture keeps women in submission,

Frowning upon their "inferior," motherly mission,

Called second-class citizens,

Yet still pursue careers,

Concessions for pregnant women and mothers fall on deaf ears,

Only thin women are seen as pretty,

Must choose between being pregnant or skinny,

If done under pressure,

Is it really a choice?

Together we stand,

Prove you have a voice!

There's always mention of the rape victim,

But listen to these polls that were taken,

Only one percent of abortions are because of rape,

Leading to a seventy-eight percent rate of regret,

Seventy percent of victims give birth to the child,

Giving them fewer reasons over which to fret,

Less than one in five abortions are performed on teens,

And Wade versus Roe fell through the seams,

"Experts" talk of over population,

But over one hundred years ago,

That's what Jefferson was saying,

Do not let an age old for "the-good-of-the-cause" decide,

Whether or not you end a child's life,

Couples announce, "We're having a baby!"

Not a fetus,

Honestly what else could it be but,

A human with a beating heart,

Innocent from conception because that is life's start,

Solomon praised God for "knitting him in his mother's womb,"

And even if religion's not for you,

Just pick up a biology book at your school,

Do you know how many people have to wait,

For a baby of their own to raise?

So instead of killing, adopt and share,

Life that resulted from your love affair,

Margaret Sanger once was saying,

"The most merciful thing to do to an infant is slay it,"

But let me ask each of you,

Is that what you wish your parents would do?

I suggest instead people prevent this and plan,

I rest my case,

Taking questions if I can.



I wrote this poem for an abortion debate at school and wanted to share. This is my first poem on this site. Let me know what you think!


Wow, this is a wonderful poem! Even though it is artfully done, I love how it still includes facts.

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