Life of Fear

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 14:26 -- Morgp45


United States
39° 7' 35.6304" N, 85° 58' 16.7592" W

Laying in bed
thoughts are running through my head.
I remember you, I really do
I just wish I had one last moment to speak to you.
All the times we shared together
those memories will stay in my hear forever.
I want to ask you questions that you did not get to answer
before you got that horrible cancer.
It's hard on everyone every year
the thought of dying an instant fear.
Does it hurt, do you cry?
Does your life flash in a blink of an eye?
Like flipping a penny or a dime
will my life slowly runout of time.
I'm scared, I'll admit
Just please God I pray,
to not let my life go too quick!


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