Looking Back

Up in my room

Sitting on my bed


With these mixed emotions

Getting the best of me


Deep thinking

About my future

If I were to 

Die tomorrow

All my life

Would be only

In the hands of God

What is my fate

Don't know my place\

In this world of complexity

In this society of hard times

If I live

Longer than I imagined

Will I feel worthy?

Willl I tumble down

Like a tower?

Will I shrivel and die

Like a flower?

Or will I conquer demons

Thanks to God

And his unconditional love

His power

I may not know

For sure

I might as well

Wait and see until then

Living my life

To the fullest

Time's slowing down

Someday my life

Will end

So I dedicate my life

To Him 

And only Him


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