Her Name Is

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I have a confession.

There is a someone,

A special someone,

A someone who warms my smile,

A someone who brightens my day,

A someone that no poet can do justice towards.


Who is this seraphim?

Who is this someone?

Who is she that even Homer

Cannot do justice?


She holds a name from ancient words,

Her name is one of beautiful wonder

A name of beautiful crimson.

Names such as this cannot be said

It must be hidden in these lines.


But I will say this,

Even Aphrodite is jealous.

Reeling as she does,

Reeling at being bested.

In her golden throne,

Overthrown by a mortal,

She weeps in evanescence.


However there is to much

That can be said about her.

Her love and desire for God,

How she longs to grow in her relationship

With him.

Her love for her friends

Her love for her family.

Her eyes,

Her smile,

Her laugh,

To much to say in so few lines,

So I shall end with this,

I wish to tell her my heart,

But yet I fear the result,

If there is nothing to fear

And you reader are the one 

I hold dear,

If you find your name within the lines

Give confidence to my aching heart.

Let not this confession ,

Destroy our friendship,

Give me heart it won't.


The time has come to end these lines.

So this is it, here we go

The big unveiling.

Her name is...

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