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Your people claim their free, but is empty of leaders with faith. None can draw a single sword from their diminutive pocket. Erase the very aspect of negativity and grasp hold to their wonders of creativity.Follow their own vision instead comply with the laws by our own human-kind that hide the secret of life.
Create doubt that resents their soul from reaching any desire they speak. For they speak with tongues of many men, but not their own. Panchamas, leaders of slaves. What is freedom I wonder if they can’t grasp their own perception of life’s essence? Ignorant of the truth, they shall not know until
what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law. I can cast away a shadow of darkness with a single praise as I uplift the very thread of my voice in the air as it expels any devilish heed. Turn soil into rich taste to fulfill the mouths pleasure. Dream a dream of many and wake to pursue at my feet. I am
a leader. I am a Brahmin, man of many men, preacher and ruler of visions along with influencing my own righteousness through God who has given me power of mind. Shall you lead your own life or proceed with what mankind offers you.



This poem is questioning the faith we have today. Will you live as a slave or will you be a leader and create.

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