The Dream

Today I saw a beautiful dream

It was somewhere from within

It seemed so real at the time - I wonder

I dreamed that love has ruled the world

That no one is sick or hurt

It was like peaceful, bluest sky - no thunder 


That friendship, brotherhood are king

Like flowers blooming in the Spring

It was so vivid, really amazing

And then I opened my eyes

And saw the darker, gloomy skies

And I have quickly realized what we are facing


The burden of this life is harsh

And I am not the one in charge

I only see the fights and wars around

And everyone around's fake

They live for lies and arrogance sake

And they have never failed me to astound


And as these things I realize

The tears are streaming from my eyes

I weep and feel the pain inside for hours

I really wish my dream was true

That love and peace was all I knew

That in these things I had some say, some power


I was upset but I saw the light

I realized I have to fight

For things that I believe are right, deep in my soul

I pick my shield, I pick my sword

Forever fighter for the world

I know that I will achieve my goal


The evildoers think they've won

But after all is said and done

They too fell face the highest one, at the end

So I am feeling truly free

Though I know it's just a dream

But I am fighting for the truth and I am content

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