The Lord gave me a heart for the hurting

Allowed me to enjoy opportunities of which I wasn’t always deserving

Endowed me with the power of spiritual discernment

Enabled confidence to generate a lyrical disturbance

This world is getting tougher, and the road’s getting steeper

It’d be a waste of time to say a rhyme unless it had a flow that is deeper

Than the cuts made by suicidal people to conclude their existences

Me throw my life away? Perish the thought – that’s truly ridiculous!

God taught me that there’s so much to live for

Inspired me to show love and give more

Because the minimum necessary will have you getting ahead just barely

A little extra work could take your status and lift it to legendary

I’ll never settle for the least I can do when I’m capable of greater

The time has come to take it to the haters with some statements full of flavor

Created by the Savior who got me back on my feet

After my saddest defeats made tears splash down my cheeks

Instead of sitting around and moping, I chose to go a different route

In my youth naïveté consumed me, but now I know what this is about

It isn’t your financial status, street credibility, or clout

It’s a reputation built on civility and gentility, no doubt

You’ll never catch me fronting or pretending that I am the hardest

I’ll never be flawless, but you can bet I’ll keep trying regardless.

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