It's who she is that makes her beautiful
and not her looks that make her glow
But her soul shines through her flesh
like the sun that beams against the icicles
Uniquely designed snowflakes intricately combined
Like a tear drop frozen in time with a sparkle
Clear enough to see her reflection
Vivid enough to pay attention
As if 12 noon had stars
She has no spots
And you can't spot her because she's rare
So when you do, you can't help but stare because it's who she is that makes her beautiful
And not her looks that make her glow
But the Living Water that guides her moves
The peace of God keeps her up float
She looks well to her household
Wisdom and kindness is all she knows
When she flows, her purple silk emulates a hibiscus
Her integrity stands palm tall
It won't be hard for you to miss it
Surface level appearance isn't everything
But how you treat people means everything
And who you are means so much more than what you cover up yourself to be
Because it's not your looks that make you beautiful
But the love that's within your soul
Good intentions behind what you show,
It's who you are that makes you beautiful 

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Our world
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True beauty is within

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