Inspired by the Empire

Inspirations comes in many forms 

Whether it’s a unexpected quote 

Or a small little anecdote 

Whether it’s from someone that inspires 

Or sadly conspires 

Inspiration can be an oxymoron 

A walking contradiction

Nonetheless, inspiration always causes friction 


Inspiration comes through a form of a book for me 

on a daily basis it rejuvenates me back to life 

To continue on this journey almost like flying a kite 

It’s not easy and definitely not breezy but once you get the hang of it, it’s a little less humidity 

Characters like Moses, Jacob and Joshua went through many trials and tribulations 

But they persevered through every situation 

Having faith is believing in the unknown 

Seeking a comfort that keeps my mind blown 

The way the words hug you as if it was to say “you’re going to make it out alive, just keep pushing and believing and I promise you

You will survive



With every word I read and every page I turn I read about Gods grace 

And how he designed everything within in its place, I need this like the air that I breath 

To keep afloat and ultimately to not cease 

Inspiration is all around me the fact that I am blessed to say, that I get to live to see another 


I want to effect change, I want the world to be sane 

I want to walk outside and see a little more peace 

 And this is what inspires me. 

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