The New Me

When lost in the deepest river

of darkness, rain, and tears

I let my sadness overwhelm me

and gave all power to my fears


I was under the shifting current

My eyes were blind to any guiding lights

I had nothing to secure me in my weakness

I had no one to help me win any of my fights


When I tried to find meaning in my battle

Small twigs grasped me and cut into my skin

I thought it would lead me to the straight and narrow

but instead it pulled me down and deeper in


All those twigs, they kept pulling on me

I was so tired and unsure of how to find the sun

But when I thought my life was over

I saw His hand, and I knew He was the One


He saved my life and rescued me

from all the pain and confusion

I decided to devote myself to You

And that is my faithful conclusion



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