I Cannot Live Without Him

More important than air

Although His absence is not so immediately felt

More valuable than treasure

Although treasure hunters ignore Him

More a friend than my best friend since 4th grade

Better than my favourite ice cream

And sweeter still

More necessary than medication

My cure for stress and care

More beautiful than dance

And my dearest passion over music


To others I might have it all

But without Him I never would have gone.

Without Him, I would have never left my home

To go to strange lands and explore.

For He led me on a Mission Trip around the world

My plan was to study Science and law

His plan to release the gift of creativity

He had placed inside my soul.


Without Him, you would never have wanted to meet me,

A girl so proud and insecure that she only spoke

To spew the correct view of a subject

And you, she ignored with all of her strength.

Without him, my natural compassion would have stayed buried

Underneath the fear of rejection.

My tears would always freeze, my laughter go silent.


That was before I let Him in

Allowed Him to transform me and take control!

Now I have peace, joy and life

And Fear, my old slave driver, is gone!


He is the reason my dreams have soared.

Now I step forward into a future uncharted.

But full of confidence for I am with Him,

My God, Saviour and Friend,

Jesus Christ, the Lord God Almighty

The one person I cannot live without. 

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