As the wolves cry with your prayers

count blessings and look to the stars

 for once the broken silence is ours

broken only by our tear drops;

and the sound of crying wolves 

the anger always stops 

and the courage all dissolves 

so here we sit;

alone again;

left here with our day dreams 

but your thoughts all scream when?

when will this become reality?

not just in my head where no one sees

why did i chase them away? 

so I bow my head to cry and pray 

give me a new chance; 

a new hope; 

a new light;

so than at least 

I can do whats right.

I won't push them away

with words full of hate  

because I was too afraid

too scared to ever say 

I need your lifting words 

 as I need your strong shoulder 

as always i was too much a coward

to say how I need  your stable hand

and your words always lift me skyward

I will do as my master commands 

now I know the faithful servent; 

isn't a slave in his masters bands

but a unworthy person 

who has found purpose again






This poem is about: 
Our world



listen to wolf relaxaion music, or Alone Wolf(violin) while reading 

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