Psalms of Life

Everything is awesome.
You just gotta find'em
But have you ever gave it a try?
Or have you always let it slip on by?
We know that the birds in the air are pretty,
And the blue sky above is fluffy.
We know the crack born flower is refreshing,
And the sceneries are breathe taking.
But how about an eraser?
Have you ever found one that's soft to the hand,
And cute as a silly band?
One that’s both a circle and a square,
And colored like the rainbow in the air?
Those are the kind that brings a smile to my face,
And helps my troubles erase!
Or have you ever seen a pebble,

That's neither round or square,
But perfect for a game of skipping stones, I swear.
These are the little things,
that make a rainy day sing,
And a frowny face beam.
This is the Psalms of life,
Which gives us strive!

Everything is awesome,
You just gotta find'em.
The search gets a bit harder,
When seas of life gets a bit tougher.
When your feeling low,
Look up at the blue sky show.
When the day gets dark and skies cry,
Look down at the green grass as it sways in nature's lullaby.
When stress builds up,
And hearts break up,
Remember the family beside you,
And be thankful friendship is life's heart glue.
Nothing is as bad as it seems,
When you look closely at life seams.
This is the Psalms of life,
Let's give it a high-five!

Everything is awesome,
You just gotta find'em.
And nothing in life is better than people.
Some have freckles, some have dimples,
Some are short and some are tall.
But nothing beats the unique in us all.
We each have a story untold,
Each have a future yet unfold.
Take a moment and look at the person beside you,
Stare into their eyes and know they are God's creation too.
Do you see their beauty?
Aren't people's hearts lovely?
That’s what we got to find,
It always blows my mind.
No more frowns and no more tears!
The best things in life are here.
They are everywhere.

Everything is awesome,
You just gotta find'em.
This is the Psalms of life,
Now sing along with me.
As we find what makes us free!


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