A Poem for God


If God made me, and he makes no mistakes, then I am not a mistake.

I must live like I am not a mistake, and make the most out of life as a Christian.

All that I’m living for now, will it be here tomorrow?

 The superficial things that provide short-lived pleasure,

No true happiness will be found in these things.

I want to be a Christian who happens to be a teenager,

Not a teenager who just happens to be Christian.

I see people nowadays following spiritual leaders and popular preachers on tv,

But do they really know Christ?

Everyone’s just trying to fit in.

But going with the flow, you get drowned,

Drowned by living carnally, just to do what’s “in”.

All that is temporary.

God is forever.

I want to sacrifice everything for Him, all my possessions and desires.

When I look back on my life when it's time to go, I want to be proud, not ashamed.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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