7. God is so Good

God is so Good, I lift Him on High

Way Way High, way above the sky

He is so Good, He will forever be Glorified

When battles came I was scared and horrified

But He thought me to be brave and now I’m not terrified

Man God is so Good, I got to testify

When I cry, He wipes away the tears from my eye

Always by my side, on Him I can rely

He gave the birds wings so that they can soar and fly

He created this world, looked around, it’s all beautify

Look at Paris, London, New York, Kingston and Shanghai

This wasn’t done by the big bang theorm or by some guy

Man God is so Good, I can’t even lie

We are all sinners, but for our sin, He sent Jesus to get Crucify

But wait a minute, that’s not the end, please let me clarify

Three days later, Jesus Resurrected after He die

And now with God, we are all unify

Man God is so Good, you can’t even deny

He’ve been saving lives all year round, from July to July

All our needs, our Great God supply

God loves us all and the Bible can verify

Man God is so Good, He is the Apple of my eye. ❤

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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