A Prophetic Ramble

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 13:58 -- Neftee


Endlessly it spills into eternity.

That primal void of light was a screen across the sky.

And it was...

But yet it was not.


And I saw beauty shake the void.

Ripples moved throughout the chaos,

Screaming, singing splitting silence with its voice.

And the light blinded the darkness

so that the darkness bowed down.

On its road to nowhere, all life was found

it praised its creator with a heavenly sound


“Praise God.

The one who was.

The one who is.

The one who will be.

Creator, breaker, and savior.

In time

all creatures will see

Our God

Will set the captives free!”


I stood awestruck,

And shaken to the bone.

I reached out with my hands and praised God alone

And my God heard me.

I sang for eternity,

And all The earth sang in harmony.



I woke up in a world of darkness.

But there is a light burning through my soul.

It pulses through my being

I give up all control.

There is no darkness dark enough to black it out.

And I'll strive to shine wherever I go.

But I must go.

Go into the void,

But I am not alone



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