God's Novel


It started with four words

Let.  There. Be. Light.

And so his light shined on the world

No brighter light that’s ever been seen before

A prelude to one of the greatest stories known to man kind

A series specially made by God’s design

A best seller in the present

A hit in the past

It’s message no clearer and an affect that will forever last

Complete with maniacal villains

A few rebels for the cause too

Packaged together with an everlasting hero who dies for me and you

My talents as a poet and storyteller cannot match the talents of the author within God himself

His book is sold world wide, in every hotel room and millions of shelves

His story contains a message so powerful and moving it’s banned in some countries because when thoroughly read with understanding it can cause devastating results

It can break down satanic cults

Stop people from end themselves before it’s due

Bring sigh to the spiritually blind

Force malicious liars to speak the truth

And then there are all the side effects of experiencing God’s glory

His word lasts forever because it’s not something you can just read and forget about it two seconds later

It’s something you read that shows up daily in ones life

It’s proof that you don’t always need guns to efficiently fight

And even though God’s greatest masterpiece ends with the revelation

There is still more to this soul shaking story and we have to come to the realization that we are towards the conclusion…

The last chapters to his story

We are the people who must do all that we can to let the people know and get God his glory

We still have a few chapters to go

Because Genesis was the introduction

His birth was the rising action

His death and resurrection was the climax

And now we’re playing the part that leads to the ending faction

The story is not over

But it will be soon

So we have to bring in the conclusion with as much intensity as possible

We must shake this world up because we as Christians most definitely have a cause that’s probable

The resolution is approaching to God’s greatest story

Some versions will conclude with those pushed to the left signifying that they were no friend

Some versions will end with everlasting peace, forever forgotten of all their sins

When will it come?

It all depends

Only God, the author and finisher of our faith

Alpha and Omega

The God now, before, and later on then

He decides when we will start the final chapter and finally say “The End”


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