It is not I that is speaking


For it is not I that speaks of love,

It is not I that vocalizes the words in a praise or hums to a song.

The creation of this earth was not by my hands or the living creatures scattered on this planet.

The flesh in me comes not from a monkey but from rib of a man that was created through

the breath of the Almighty.

It is not I that is speaking to you.

My words are an imperfection to the human ears.

My actions are sketchy, my path has become an uneven road.

Judgement does not lie in the hands of a human but in the arms of God.

Through Gods breath he created me for a reason.

A reason to be an example, a leader, a friend, and his child. 

No, it is not I that speaks to you.

My faith has become stronger and much heavier.

I had fallen to the point where I could not find any hope.

I  have now opened eyes and my heart has been leased.

By the faith and acceptance he has taken my heart.

Jesus said to a woman, 'Be encouraged daughter, your faith has healed you.'

For it is the spirit that speaks through me,

No, it is not I that speaks to you.


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