please oh please help me

thing is im weak so I fall to my knees I beg to you God please oh please help me  I need your strength to help fight this painyou are my light that guides the night I beg to you God please oh please help me  give me wisdom give me peace walk w/ me for I don't know & I can't see  but still i go you are the love that sets me free I will climb mountains & swim through seas If only for a second your close to  me I lay my life down at your feet my hands up high as I surrenderI beg to you God please oh please help me I am lost and need to be found you are the key to help unbind me I cried out to you God please oh please help me & you broke the chain I am free again!  thing is im strongI still  hold on I prayed to you God and you cleared the fognow I see you made a purpose for me & I will serve you cause you answered me   

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