Let Us Honor Him



A poor man's riches

A hungry man's bread

A changing soul switches 

And old Jonah's shed

A lost man's salvation

A foolish man's wisdom

A worthy man's formation

And the almighty kingdom

Yes he is all but he is also our ego

Like in the American emblem 

The great bald eagle

Countless amount of times

We have given up on this man

Yet he is still there

WHen we are in despair

At night when we lay

The devil tries to attack us

Our family lays with us

No way for them to save us

Only him up there

Him with care

Is the one who dares 

To take us out of this despair.

On th seventh day he asks to be proclaimed

Yet we retain

Saying "Oh im to tired I'll go the next day"

For we must change

My words cannot change everyone

For not even Jesus's words could change everyone

When this man came to earth

This man spoke truth, this man spoke wisdom

Yet they looked at him like he was just suffereing from a syndrome

If someone so Great is honored to be called your father

Give him your all and say im your son or daughter.


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