Find your blessing through life's difficulties

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 12:34 -- Bravo

Walking through life with no blinders on

no tunnel vision

trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division

much derision

caught in the valley of decisions

missing my mark knowing part but Jesus knows it all in my heart

I feel detached am I a match for the enemy

if I don't give it all to God I'm just wasting energy

Lord please fill the void

please muzzle out the noise

I'm trying to be a man life's to hard to be a boy

I see the joy but being coy

it's hard to just express it all

I seen so many fail I wonder am I next to fall

I gotta make it to the end

and if I have to crawl

So be it

I believe it so I ma speak it

sowing I'm bound to reap it

and repeat until it seeps in

that's repetition

want recognition

swim in the deep end

the devil stay plotting and creeping

he always scheming

what i've been dreaming of was

just a happy ending

from the start life's broken my heart

by now it should be mended i cant wait until what i'm dreaming

is what im living don't get offended

I wish I knew the truth in the beginning

instead of losing and sinning

id be winning the race getting in place

walking blessed in his grace

I got a taste and saw how good the lord is

better than cake jesus came to set the prisoners free

better escape

while you can we living in a perverse land

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