How do you suvive in a world thats full of evil?

Where negativity flow so freely through our own people.

Where a person is not free to be who they are.

And there is always a panel of self appointed judges waiting to annouce your every fall.

I've learned to rise above people's poison.

And walk in my own light, because I'm chosen.

To God I offer my full devotion.

Not letting a human here on Earth alter my emotions.

From God is whom I seek my happiness.

He's always there when man never seems to be

He loves me despite my flaws and imperfections.

We should honor each other because we are all reflections.

Reflections of God and each created differently.

His love and grace covers all of us, sufficiently.

So who are you to judge one another?

We are all facing our own heap of troubles.

Always remain humble, because there is a such thing called Karma.
































This poem is about: 
Our world


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