Heal my wings so I have the strength to touch the clouds.
That my faith becomes my title as Imani.
That perfection is not what I try to reach for but I believe that I can be OK with myself.
Give me your hand as I walk in the portraits of the unknown to show such artwork behind a story that remain untold.
When I feel alone have your spirit of compassion and company to remind me that you are watching over me .
LORD fix my brokeness as I start to create that brick wall stronger again.
Help me ...
saying the words I don't like to hear the echo of because I think I can help everyone and still leave myself without any assistant.
I'm trying to live in your ways and have the passion upon you but these days I lock myself away from you.
Are you ever disappointed in a daughter that wished to be better but never says Thank you for who you have made me to be.
Wondering this earth trying to find my impression on those who look at me and See someone with such potential to let my emotions drown me inside a negative mind set.
Hold me GOD what is ahead of me that I walk in the fear of what if I'm walking in the wrong direction and came to far to turn back around.
How does my life end up so depressing and so lonely and so useless that I wanted to meet you in person before it was my time.
For the pain I cause people of the the pain I cause myself.
To sit around looking at the sky  hoping you See what I want to be in life as I'm surrounded by sin.
GOD are you proud of me have I let you down am I really a failure that I make the world feel as if It's a game.
TRYING to resolved the equation of life with still is giving me the wrong answer the wrong numbers and the wrong solutions to end up  with an error.
LORD is this How you want me to be was this How you planned to have imani as your child ..
Why am I confused and I really ungrateful.
WHAT do you think of me writing more then I talk I turn to paper more thn I turn to people.
I go to church and listen to your word and feel  like I can change and fall back in my old ways.
GOD am I a blessing or a mistake am I really something that you can love even if I turn gray that make our relationship become stronger as I wish you were here to See which I know you See but just in person .
People say I shouldn't be feeling this way I have a family mom and dad brothers I'm a  smart young lady why should I feel so useless..  sometimes I just need more sometimes I just feel am I to difficult to understand that No one hears me.
So much angry that I don't cry and that I hold everything in and let people suck the life out of me but never having anything to refill me.
How can you fill me up if I'm already half way empty...
 AM I asking to many questions or making you feel some type of way. GOD I LOST MY WAY AND ALL I WANT IS TO RETRACE MY STEP AND GO BACK...
but where is back How far is back..
is it to late to change is it to late to believe in myself..
Do you believe in me am I asking for to much.
Lord a child with a problems and wants to find a way to let it out in a way people could relate to.
That's why I have come to you. 
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