When Surrender Means War

My mind is exhausted, but I choose not to sleep.
I just keep repeating words in my head, knowing
I'm indebted to a man with nail-pierced hands
And my time-span is spread-thin
Because sin invades, overtaking my intentions
And replacing them with indolence;
Narcissism, apathy.
Meanwhile, captive souls wage wars outside my door,
But I will ignore them, just for tonight
'Cause tonight, the fight is confined to my soul;
And it's selfish, I know, to dwell on my own,
But the demons approaching won't retreat,
So I'll meet them head-on --
The entire fleet.
To the mighty defender, whom I owe my existence,
Please close the distance between faith and action;
Just a fraction of each combined could release
My mind's inhibitions -- free from these prisons.
To the God of peace, who calms the seas,
Commands the heavens, and reigns supreme,
Please be my strength.


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