God's Flow

(Chiraq beat)

I’m no rapper but this –ish ain’t draconian.

Didn’t take much to pull me in.

God flow, time stop, anachronic rap bars.

Ahead of the years He gave me, ahead of the game I carry,

the deepest anomaly.

Mentored the Oracle, delivered her from evil.

Divied indulgences into the land of Medieval.

God’s favorite congregate, Michael’s favorite renegade.

Sippin’ on this holy fire like a glass of lemonade.

Spirit livin, exorcism.

Hot life, heroism.


Dispelled from evil and accepted by God.

He in my heart, no fiasco, squad.

Heaven tilted on its axis when I played its game.

It’s all in the name of my Savior I claim.

A squadron full of lost souls I carry.

This squadron full of lost souls I carry.


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