The Gentleman


     What sly, sneaky dogs gentleman can be,disguising themselves to others to have a sort of innocent fluency.

But what man can truly stand with his girl and not look at another,or struggle not to?

One that is successful in being committed to monogomy - it means less than two.

     These days it is rarely seen. Instead, you get guys subjecting girls to the epitome

of what we've been made to be. Music videos highlighting "nothing" but yet hiding everything,

     To be up to date, you have to know how to clap, but without hands, 

dance because of bands and be able to say "look ma' no hands" .

     But is that really how we were taught to act and stand? Because I, I learned to act like a lady

and stand like a woman.

     Being a woman isn't about the cuves you develop, experience, or age. But develop

your mind, it leads you to a greater life experience at your own pace.

     And what makes a real gentleman is one that isn't afraid to stray form what is expected of him.

To claim what he wants in a woman, have respect for her, and be by her side on a whim.

     FORGET whispering sweet, MEANINGless, nothings in our ears when at the same time,

your sneakyness is what causes us to form tears because we know about the other woman

you said was "just a friend". A better lying manual would be what I reccommend.

     But as for me, I, was also taught to act like a woman and have the mind of a man.

 He can think he pulled one over on us, but he will never have the upper hand.

     Gentlemen. Romantic Lunatics. But remove the 'luna' from the word and you'll see 

why we're often drained of the energy we need to brace ourselves for the most famous,

"hit it and quit".

     I don't want you calling me at four in the morning, claiming you can't sleep and that

I should know I'm always on your mind while I listen to you call me, 'baby'.

     Because if you could't think to call or speak in the middle of the day, then all you want

me for is to please your physical needs.

     But trust, I won't be on my knees, begging for you to see, that I should be the very thing

she means to you, that you mean to me.

     It just doesn't work that way, you see, because I have learned, not to waste my time

on the 'gentleman' who doesn't make me first in their line. Not to waste my time on someone

who equals less than what my God created me to be.

     I'm not for you to play with, like a cat and a ball of yarn. We're not in Kindergarten

where you get 'cooties' by us linking arms.

     Be proud to call me your girl and fly us accross the path that leads us to your world

where true gentlemen know how to treat a woman.

     There's nothing wrong with traditional, it formed the basis of elaborating on the original.

Actions speak louder than words so show me how you really feel. Sho me that genuine gentleman

and maybe I can trust you to handle the key that unlocks the door to my heart that's hidden.


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