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Lord you planted in me a seed
I allowed the world in and instead raised a weed
It wasn't to You at all fair
Especially since you had told me to treat it with care
I wallowed in wealth and sexual sin
But the growth of the weed had only just started to begin
I felt no conscience if I even had one
I was buying my time and enjoying the fun
The fun sure was great
And every night I had a new date
That little seed intended for good
Caused me more trouble than I could have imagined it would
A new day came and of course like the rest
I hung out with the worst of the “best”
But something was different and a little strange
There was a throbbing sensation all over my brain
This isn't right something is bad
Why is it raining? Did I make God sad?
That question came out of nowhere yet had a valid point
What happened to the girl whom God did anoint?
He gave me a seed to care for and cultivate
And yet my choice was to procrastinate
I chose to be in with the fun and the games
But in this crowd you'll find the names
Greed, and Jealousy, Lust and Spite
You will also find the opposite of light
There is no good in this circle of humans
We all make mistakes our lives turn to ruins
God however is forgiving and loves
His little children he created innocent as doves
We weren't made to sin
Yet this is what we choose and with that none shall win
He gave us a choice He's not a dictator
He loves us so much and reminds me of Darth Vader
What is Vader's famous line?
“I am your father!” Now God as well is saying you're mine
But why do we run and choose the things that seem to be fun?
Because on the outside their look is appealing
But once your in you get the queer feeling
That what you chose will bring you down
And now no more smiles only a frown
You realize that you've chosen wrong
But how to get back how to once again become strong
The answer to that my friend and my foe
Is one that you and I already know
It's ingrained in our memory from so long ago
The one who truly loves you will always show
He is never late and always on time
And He will always be whispering “I love you and you're mine.”



You're really good! When did you get into poetry?


Well, I have liked it awhile but as far as writing it only a few weeks/months ago. I wrote this one 2 days ago. But some of them were written over a month ago. I just discovered this website recently so yep.


Very cool! :D I've only written two...I'm a newbie. Lol. I heard about this website a week ago


This is amazing poetry and I am glad that you shared your story and expressed something amazing about God: his forgiving and loving nature.


This was an amazing poem. Thank you for sharing. You have an amazing gift; keep up the good work. God Bless.

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