Letting Faith Take Me

Keeping these thoughts from driving

me crazy,

I watch the twist and turns of reality

and my life just passing by,

reaching forward I dive into an ocean,


feeling hands drag me under I can't help but let go,

not fighting I let them drag me under,

watch as the light at the surface


dimmer and dimmer,

deeper and deeper into the water,

I feel the last breath escape my mouth and I black out

but I feel a hand pull me up,

pulling through the water and to the surface

as the sun blasts me in the eyes and the bathwater feeling

leaves me,

crying I feel something hug me,

no one is there but I feel arms hug me and hold me while I cry,

finding this out the hard way,

nothing is what it seems,

letting of and letting faith take me


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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