A women

A woman should be treated
As she is a queen,
Kiss and tell her you love her.
Tell her you’re the pretties’ thing,
Comfort her when she’s in her weakest links,
Put your arms around her,
Buy her nice things even maybe a 10k ring.
Kiss her until the world comes to an end.
Cook for her and run her bath water.

Wrap your arms around her
Tell her she’s your everything.
Give that woman your all
Treat her with respect,
Treat her with nice things,
Tell her you love her more than anything.

Make your women feel special and mean everything that you say.
Every women deserves the best in all that she does
That women take care of her kids,
And even pick up after you.
Every women deserves respect.
She does everything she needs to and give it her all.
Make sure the kids is all satisfied indeed.
Love them and burp them until all of the children needs are met.
A women is the center of the world
I tell you lady,
God blesses you more than anything,
You are wonderful women
You deserve all things.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i love how you express your belief behind the importance of how women needs to be treated

this poem speaks honesty and sincerity

women should always be treated as a queen as a man needs to be treated as a king

importance of having that level of respect

great poem and keep writing

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