How Cruel Mine Heart Be

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 10:37 -- Crosby


O' how cruel mine own heart be!

It cares not if my head forbids

It to love so as to not be twain in half again.

Yet this fiend that sets my eyes once more,

Scoffs at my fear.

It shows no relent, but acceleration towards

The heart of another.

My heart sings of her vast beauty that hath made

The descriptions of Helen, who caused the launch

Of thousands of Greek ships, seem a satyr in comparison.

My heart rejoices at the passion and zeal

Her heart hath for the Everlasting.

It sings songs that fill my dreams with thoughts of this princess.

A princess that Her Highness of Sheba would envy.

Yet I forbade my heart from such songs in accordance

With the reprimand my mind placed on this fiend.

It does not care this heart of mine,

It still longs for her...

I fear though,

If the song of this felon reaches her ears...

The blossoming friendship we share shall be twain

Like a thin thread.

Then like a prisoner on a noose,

This happy life will suffocate.

So my heart be kind to this wretch,

Bring not about my destruction.

If thee be kind, be kind.

If thee be a hangman,

Then the noose is already about my neck.

God, save my soul...

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