Safe Zone

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:14 -- Arey C.

Safe Zone, Safe Zone

shattered into pieces.

Running towards something,

anything to believe in.

Hope slowly decaing,

leaving me bare with darkeness.

Help, I need someone

to get me through this season.

Help, I need a medic,

to make my heart beat again and defrost these tempting feelings.

And as I was nearly gone,

Strong hands reached out and kept me steady.

And if you asked me who that was,

I'd tell you it was someone Almighty. 

For it was my precious God.

Now, listen close for I have a secret,

When you need somone,

turn to Him.

For the emptiness within me , now's filled with love and hope.

I stand strong but oh no I'm not alone.

So safe zone, safe zone??

The answer is my God.


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