Stain on a Sweater

Guilt is like a stain on a sweater

It is easy to make, but it stays forever.

Because of guilt, I put up a wall of privacy

To prevent peer judgment around me;

However, God can see right through this barricade

And He is greater still, yet I am still afraid.

Reflecting upon myself I see guilt and shame

From anger, pornography, sins all the same.

But when I look in the mirror,

It couldn't be clearer-

I no longer see my sin

For I know I am in Him.

And despite all my familial inadequacies,

My fleshly ecstasies,

And my lack of value visibility,

Jesus gives me a new nativity

-His identity.

God's mercy is as open as the sea.

I need to realize it is always extended to sinners like me.

And although life plus me may get a little rough,

I need God to show His grace makes me more than enough.

The Lamb of God absorbed the stains that are rightly mine,

So graft me on, O blessed vine,

A branch I'll be; just set me free.


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