A Thousand Questions

If Time passes like the wind

is it really that Important?

If people die every day

do their lives even mean a thing?

Why are we even here

if we will just pass away someday?

Why are we existing

if we will fade into oblivion?

Does an unborn Life matter

when so many are thrown away?

Does God hear its dire screaming

when its last heartbeat is stolen?

Where are we now

in respect to the rest of the universe?

Where have we been

compared to all we still have where we can go?

Who but You

has a thousand answers and more?

Who but You

knows Everything thought, heard, unsaid?

Why won't You

reveal Yourself to those who need You?

Why won't You

crush those who refuse to Love You?

When will You

come back to take me with You?

When will You

return and take back Your Throne?

Do You really feel

my pain?

Do You really see

our ways

and love us still?


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